This year’s Neo race saw a lower than normal entry of French racers, but one driver/designer who did make the trip across the channel was Stephane Mateo, designer of Hobbytech’s latest buggy, the ‘Spirit’. In and amongst the controlled chaos that is Neo11 we caught up with Stephane for a quick chat.

Neo Buggy: Stephane, how about we start off with a little introduction ?
Stephane Mateo:
Hi, Stéphane Mateo, I’m 31, I’m working for Hobbytech brand. I’m designer,developer and technical support

NB: You were one of the few Hobbytech cars present at Neo11, how come ?
This year the majority of the team attended the French nationals so, they were in Reims for the 2nd round. But the Neo Race is the inevitable race of the year and as a partner of NeoBuggy, this is the race that carries the most media importance and as a young brand its important to be here competing, get to know the atmosphere of a big race and represent the Hobbytech brand. We hope to make an international Hobbytech Team with many drivers all around the Europe, and the world.

NB: So how was the Neo Race experience for you this time?
The track was amazing and very difficult but it’s great experience to work on the development of the Spirit in these conditions. So, I was alone at this race and the set up was difficult to find and I took my time to find a good compromise, the evolution was slower. I was in 1/256 and I drove until 1/32, that proved Spirit is reliable in all kinds of conditions. I gained 45 places between sunday and monday.

NB: We appreciate your comments about the track, how about the race as a whole and organisation ?
The race was wonderful, amazing, a lot of words can describe it ! The track was hard but interesting and fun, driving with 15 cars on track is a challenge but we learn to fight. Nothing to say about the organization, all was perfect ! I hope to see races like this in France…just a dream… 🙂

NB: From one big race to another, will you be at the two European Champs this summer ?
I’ll be at all Euros (‘B’ in Lyon and the ‘A’ Sand am Main), French championships, GP Pierrefeu and all regional races. See you on the track !