Last weekend was held in Valladolid/Spain the 4th edition of International race known as “Promotion Cup 2011”. Javi Pombo (DNX408 / Alpha Z852 / Jets Fuel) ruled this race taking number 1 for a main final after qualifying rounds. Along A main final Javi lead the race from the beginning to the end, thanks to good performance of car & engine. Third place was for David Benito (DNX408 / Alpha S852 / Jets Fuel ) complete the podium. After 45 min of A main final Javi Pombo said: “I was confident to win this race because my Alpha engine performed extremely well. The low fuel consumption of Z852, plus smooth traction got I used for this race, allowed me adopt an aggressive strategy from the starting leading the race from the start to the end. Although weather conditions were changing a lot along all weekend, I had not any flameout or strange behaviour in my Alpha Plus engine, while other competitors wasted a lot of time about engine fine tuning, this allowed focused me in car setup to refine it at maximum and getting sooner the best combination to win this race. I’m very happy about Alpha Plus engine let me lead this event along all weekend and finally win this race.”