Neo11Who was the most impressive driver at Neo11 ? Vote below.

For your consideration – the finalists
Jared Tebo – TQ’d overall and won the final comfortably infront of everyone else.
Robert Batlle – Had a tough couple of Neo’s in previous years but turned it around, winning Da$h4Ca$h and clinching 2nd spot on the last lap from Cavalieri.
Ryan Cavalieri – Consisten, qualified 4th, finished 3rd.
Darren Bloomfield – Leading the British charge throughout the weekend & v.consistent, finished 4th.
Neil Cragg – Signs during the final point to Neil having rediscovered some serious form for the coming season.
Ryan Maifield – Breakages cost him overall TQ, but one of the best to watch on track.
Cody King – Mr World Champ went the wrong way with setup early on but finished strongly
Martin Bayer – Further cementing his place as one of Europe’s ‘Top 5’
Adam Drake – An early flame out in the semis saw 2x winner Drake produce a great drive to steal the last place in the final.
Jerome Aigoin – A driver transformed from 2 years ago, now in the title hunt in Europe.
Atsushi Hara – Had a terrible time in qualifying but the sign of a true champion, hauling himself into the final again.
Simon Willetts – Finalist last year, but didn’t quite show the same pace through qualifying, had to overcome a close call with fuel tank capacity after the semis but made it.
Jorn Neumann – The original Durango winner at Harper Adams a few years ago put it in the main.
Shin Adachi – 2nd Neo final in a row, continues to impress and surprise many.
Ryan Lutz – Stunning during qualifying and looked tasty to fight at the top but didn’t materialize, showing very positive signs for the season though.

The non-finalists
David Ronnefalk – Impressive during qualifying (9th), but absorbed bad luck – flamed out on the way to win the Da$h4Ca$h, and another flame out cost him his place in the final.
Hannes Kaufler – Young German that qualified 54th but ended up finishing in the semis, gaining 31 places.
Ty Tessmann – Qualified 10th and looked strong all weekend until battery issues cost him a shot at the final.
Tom Cockerill – Electric star qualified 90th and finished 47th, 43 places gained.
Ricardo Monteiro – Reigning Euro ‘B’ champ, first neo race and outperformed expectations.
Patxi Penas – Another young Euro star, similarly first Neo race and coped with the pressure admirably.
Milan Dragojlovic – One of our lower final bump kings from the UK, gained 34 places.
Maciek Brzozowski – Young Polish driver that just missed out on making the junior final, came onto the scene and bumped well in the mains.

Is there someone else that impressed you ? Let us know by email and we can add them to the Poll.

Honorable mentions to the likes of Micke Johansson; made his way into the semi where his progress was cut short by a car breakage, Stephane Mateo of Hobbytech making up 45 places, Kyle McBride & Matt Griffin, our first Aussies both placing well, however the bumper prize goes to Morten Thorkildsen, after a bit of a rocky evening (those at Neo know what I’m talking about) he knuckled down and started a run that saw him gain 66 places!