Just as the outdoor season gets into gear in Europe, France-based Hobbytech have launched their truggy, the STR8-T2.
This new TRUGGY comes with huge components and racing spec’s, we fully redesign the car to make it similar as a PRO kit right out of the box as an RTR version with a super affordable price. Packed with high competition level component to satisfied the most avid racers,
this is the right kit to enter into 1/8 buggy class competion level.

Photo gallery of the truggyHobbytech RC
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• Ultra strong 6061 aluminium parts
• 10/46T. Spiral cut CNC gears
• new hardened differentials bodies
• front CVA axles
• full 24pcs rubber sealed ball bearing
• adjustable tie-rods and steering link
• 6061 5mm CNC Alumniu front and rear shock tower
• front and rear ultra strong stiffener
• dual steel brake discs
• new hard coated 15 mm ultra big bore shocks with 3.5mm shaft
• front and rear sway bars
• race optimized suspension geometry
• rear toe in plate 1°, 2° or 3°
• factory fitted and trimed 12kg steering servo
• factory fitted and trimed 6kg throttle/brake servo
• high performance racing dish wheels low profile
• Hi down force wing.
• 150cc fuel tank with splash guard