“Fresh from the mind of Jesse Robbers and developed by Jared Kirkwood is an Android phone app that precisely calculates the runtime of your nitro powered R/C vehicle, yet is very simple to use and understand.

Pit strategy is often overlooked, and if done incorrectly can result in lost time or track position due to excessive pit stop(s), or lap(s), that is given to your competition due to flame outs making your results not as great as they could be. To use this app you enter in a few numbers and the app will tell your maximum runtime (empty fuel tank). The app will also calculate your pit strategy for your main event race, listing the recommended times that you should pit given your runtime and also the amount of runtime ‘difference’ that you have to work with. The app also provides information for a ‘risk it’ pit strategy which can be used if you are feeling confident based on your maximum runtime and the race length.

This information is very beneficial for your pit man to know so that they know if they can, and for how long, that they can keep you out longer on the track for to avoid pit lane congestion to save time or to allow you to run on some clear track to gain time on your competitors. This app also provides your pit person the knowledge and flexibility to change your pit strategy on the fly with minimal effort during your race depending on your fuel consumption to aid in improving your finishing position.
Available now at $1.99 on the Android Market.

To go along with the Nitro Runtime Calculator, BluegrassHobbies.com has began stocking the recommended Graduated Cylinders and Syringes used to measure the contents of the fuel tank. These item(s) should be used to calibrate or measure your fuel tank so that your runtime figures are accurate. The syringe can easily be used track side and is our recommended device to use to measure your fuel consumption to provide accurate figures. Full instructions on how to use the app are available at here.