In one of the photos from this weekend’s Airtronic Winternationals at Revelation in SoCal we spotted a distinct lack of Pro-Line logos that usually adorn PL factory driver Travis Amezcua’s Mugen MBX6. In the photo taken yesterday it was clear that Travis had AKA Gridirons on his nitro buggy – further confirming that Travis isn’t running for Pro-Line anymore, despite the body being PL. Although its clear the body is the exact one he used in the ‘B’ semi final at the Worlds just with Pro-Line logos removed, car number intact. A driver of Amezcua’s calibre is unlikely to change without agreeing a deal first; suggesting he may be on his way to running for AKA – however the lack of visible AKA promotion leaves question marks whether a deal is in place – alternatively not yet official. At the Airtronics race Travis qualified 3rd and slipped down to finish 4th overall after the 30 min final.

Same Body: yesterday at Revelation & before Worlds Semi, Nov 2010