Hobbytech RCHaving only signed highly-rated French driver Nicolas Rodriguez at the end of last week, Hobbytech have sent us a re-introduction to the French racer in the form of a question and answer session.

Hi Nicolas, we learn recently your new deal with Hobbytech, so you are the first international driver of the brand. Introduce yourself ! What were your motivations to join Hobbytech ?
Nicolas Rodriguez, 34 years old, i live in Marseille, south of France, where the sun is always shine and we can drive all seasons. So, I’ve change my car after a short time with Serpent Cobra because I’ve a new opportunity of Hobbytech with an interresting challenge and a team over motivated, dynamic, ambitious with many projects.

What are your car’s feeling ? What are specifications of the Spirit ?
About the Spirit, after just a day of training, I was convinced by the car. Immediatly, i had an easy car, great steering lock, more grip and easy driving. The maintenance is easily, is very important in competition. Hobbytech is a french brand so it’s very important for me.

What is your basic set up ?
We are working on set up to be ready for races. All set up sheets will be available on www.hobbytech-rc.com. Actually, my basic set up is on the website.

You are friend with Aigoin brothers. Will you continued to trainning with them ?
Yes, I hope so. Many tracks of my region are closed for maintenance (like Pennes Mirabeau for Silver Pennes or Pierrefeu for French Championship, and Montpellier for the GP) but the next week, I’ll run with Yannick and Jerome Aigoin for training. It’s a real pleasure to drive and see them to compare our lap times.

What is your place on Hobbytech ?
I’ll make many set up for different drivers levels and tracks and development too. Bring a technical support on races and many trainings to be ready for 2011. We will also work together on the future evolutions of the car.

What are your plans for 2011 ?
Plans 2011 ? Give the best of myself, and elevating Hobbytech on the top of the competition market and let HOBBYTECH recognized as a top racing brand. Put the Spirit on all finals and to make a maximum of podiums ! For the moment, I’ll training a lot.
Our goal is also to be there with a full team in the next World championship in Brazil.

What about your 2011 calendar, where could we bump into you ?
I’ll be at regional, national championships, European Championship and all GP (Montpellier, Silver Pennes, Pierrefeu ..)

8/ Your sponsors for 2011 ?
Sponsors: Hobbytech, Imodel, Savöx, RB, Ultimate Racing, ProCircuit, Meccamo, Aigoin Racing, Winners Modelisme, JN Design.