The last few days have been quite turbulent for Novarossi’s team driver lineup, first up news that Martin Bayer was leaving, followed a couple of days later with rumours that Yannick Aigoin was departing Novarossi. Now Yannick has officially announced his departure in the following statement:

After many rumours, I want to confirm that I’ll not extend my partnership with Novarossi.
I’d like to thank them very much for this experience and the great support they provided since I joined them at end of 2008.
I’d also like to say that I’m proud of the technical and commercial work we’ve done together and to wish them all the best for the future. Now it is time for new challenges about which I’ll give you more details soon !

Yannick Aigoin joined Novarossi at the start of 2009, acting as team driver as well as working in the technical development of the engines, in the time since Novarossi built up a formidable team of drivers which produced some very credible results, Yannick himself has had a strong year – winning Neo2010, French national champion for a record 6th time as well as TQing the Euros this summer. Now, expect the rumour mill to really rev up…. where is Yannick going ?