Perhaps the news got out slightly too early, nonetheless its out and quite exciting actually! First up joing THE ‘JQ team’ is Chad Bradley – veteran of 3 Worlds finals and one of the most respected original 1/8 buggy racers (preceding the electric racers influx a few years ago), he’s been with Jammin/Hong Nor for almost 5 years so its a big step, and we hope a successful one! Next up we have Marty Korn – only in the last months did Marty return to 1/8 offroad after a long time away, his return to form has been v. impressive considering the time spent away; finishing in the 1/16th finals at the Worlds in Thailand, incidentally one spot above a certain ex-World Champ from 2002 – which gives Marty some street cred! Incidentally both Marty & Chad will be making their international debuts with THE Car @ Neo11 in April next year, could we see some more driver signings before then…

The news came out on the JQ thread on RC Tech with Kendall Bennett of Amain & Swift Distributing (JQ’s US distributor) announcing,
… for the 2011 Race Team, the two pro drivers we have signed at the moment are: Chad Bradley, Marty Korn
We are building the 50% race team also right now, so if you are interested, drop Peter Martin a line (the USA JQ Products team manager).
” [see Peter Martin News]

A nice lil’ photo from the Pattaya Worlds – Chad taking a look at THE Car