Last weekend, the traditional Madrid Cup was held at Serracines track to conclude the season 2010. Many top drivers took part in this event to finish the year with the best possible result. In the first qualification round, the fastest driver was Daniel Pariente (Mugen/OS) followed by Alberto García and the young 10 years-old Oscar Navarro (AE/Nova). The second qualification round was dominated by Alberto Garcia improving the best time from Daniel Pariente. The last qualification round would decided the last TQ’d driver of the year. Again, Alberto Garcia (Mugen/REDS/PL/Meccafuel) got the fastest time, being TQ’d, following Daniel Pariente and Roberto Rodriguez. Some minutes before the main final, the snow appeared (yes! It was snowing in Spain!) to keep the surface in a very slip conditions for the finalist drivers. For the first laps we could see an excitant batlle between Alberto Garcia and Daniel Pariente, but after some mistakes from Pariente, Alberto Garcia got an important gap and never looked back to retain the title he already won last year 2009.