Whilst Serpent’s Billy Easton may have stolen the ‘new boy’s crown‘ for Serpent, another US driver – racing at his first Worlds impressed many – young Levi Jackson; team driver for Agama – he had an uphill battle during qualifying but performed on Sunday, despite a flame out in the 1/8th he scraped through and was looking on course to make the semi..

[d”>VP-Pro USA[/d”> Agama USA would like to congratulate Agama USA driver, Levi Jackson, for finishing 37th place out of 180 entries at the 2010 IFMAR World Championships. Levi was in 4th place in the 1/4 Finals when his engine flamed out, ending his chance at bumping up to the Semi Finals to race against the 16 fastest drivers in the World. Thank you again for showing the World how fast the Agama A8 buggy can be!
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