Thursday 11th: Q3 & Q4 of qualifying. Links: Qual Results | Today’s Photo Gallery

Q4: Q4 was interesting, like Q3 the heat order began with 6-15 then 1-5, at the end of heat 14 we had a few sprinkles of rain – and as a result of the oil on track it was deemed a safety risk for the marshals. A 30 min rain delay was called and the small amount of precipitation burned off quickly giving the guys in Q1 arguably the fastest track. Up until this point the track has been getting worse and worse as is natural, but some of the holes that have developed may end up favouring some of the Europeans who have recent experience of these conditions at the Euros in the summer. Billy Fischer in my eyes was the star of quali today – silver ain’t gold, but two 2nds in Q3 & Q4 is a mighty strong result. The top 20 table below is slightly misleading – counting four of four rounds – Maifield had a poor Q4 and was immediately relegated from P1 to P27! Likewise Hara moving from top 5 to 21st, another driver off the table is Cody King – three good results and one bad – down in 36th. This is only to give our viewers an idea that its likely the tables will change drastically as the throwout rounds are factored into the standings. Link to photos

1) Tebo, Jared (13/10:09.669 R4),    2) Fischer, Billy (13/10:14.356 R4),    3) Drake, Adam (13/10:16.620 R4),    4) King, Cody (13/10:17.797 R4),    5) Aigoin, Yannick (13/10:21.024 R4),    6) Cavalieri, Ryan (13/10:24.331 R4),    7) Robbers, Jesse (13/10:25.374 R4),    8) Truhe, Mike (13/10:25.524 R4),    9) Savoya, Renaud (13/10:25.615 R4),    10) Matias, Miguel (13/10:26.730 R4),    11) McBride, Kyle (13/10:26.990 R4),    12) Boots, Elliott (13/10:27.364 R4),    13) Bloomfield, Darren (13/10:27.615 R4),    14) Adachi, Shinnosuke (13/10:29.125 R4),    15) Leinu, Teemu (13/10:29.321 R4),    16) Neumann, Jorn (13/10:30.058 R4),   17) Kortz, Jeremy (13/10:30.509 R4),    18) Bayer, Martin (13/10:30.908 R4),    19) Petersen, Taylor (13/10:31.966 R4),    20) Tessmann, Ty (13/10:32.423 R4)

Interviews with Atsushi Hara & Ty Tessmann

Q3 Results:Standings after Q3
1) Hara, Atsushi (13/10:09.976 R3),    2) Fischer, Billy (13/10:12.317 R3),    3) Tebo, Jared (13/10:12.759 R3),    4) Drake, Adam (13/10:15.567 R3),    5) Savoya, Renaud (13/10:16.567 R3),    6) King, Cody (13/10:16.812 R3),    7) Truhe, Mike (13/10:17.653 R3),    8) Cavalieri, Ryan (13/10:17.860 R3),    9) Kortz, Jeremy (13/10:18.044 R3),    10) Neumann, Jorn (13/10:21.751 R3),    11) Wheeler, Josh (13/10:22.703 R3),    12) Maifield, Ryan (13/10:22.996 R3),    13) Bloomfield, Darren (13/10:23.400 R3),    14) Phend, Dakota (13/10:23.467 R3),    15) Aigoin, Yannick (13/10:24.327 R3),    16) Lutz, Ryan (13/10:24.865 R3),    17) Quagrain, Joseph (13/10:25.884 R3),    18) Ronnefalk, David (13/10:26.533 R3),    19) Leinu, Teemu (13/10:29.131 R3),    20) Robbers, Jesse (13/10:29.538 R3)

Qualifying Day 2 Intro

The weather is slightly overcast today with fairly high humidity, Q3 is running and the track has changed significantly – there is much more dust on track and some areas have rutted up and exposed some challenging bumps. Highflyer Ryan Maifield will not be TQ’ing Q3, despite a great first 5-6mins, after his fuel stop he struggled a bit and made a few mistakes which really cost him. H1 was won by Billy Fischer just infront of Jared Tebo, and heat 2 was being dominated by Maifield until his mistakes which promoted Hara from 2nd in the end doing 13/10:09.99 Today’s Photo Gallery

Heading into today’s two quali rounds Ryan Maifield sits on top with a perfect score, if he TQ’d Q3, it would be very difficult for anyone to displace him from the overall TQ, however if he takes Q4 as well, well than its congrats Mr Maifield. 4 out of 6 rounds count towards the overall qualifying position which determines which final you will run either on Saturday or Sunday. Top 16 = Semi – Top 32 = Quarter finals, Top 48 = 1/8ths

There are a few names after two qualifiers who are struggling – Mike Truhe in 48th after some unfortunate marshalling, Jesse Robbers in 139th after missing Q1, Jon Hazlewood in 117th, Greg Degani 111th, Ryan Lutz 105th, Taylor James 99th, Robert Batlle 90th, Martin Bayer 89th, David Ronnefalk 88th, Neil Cragg 84th, Cody King 77th. This is counting Q1 & Q2 so those who had a poor run or non score are way down in the listing. At the business end of things Matt Castellano is putting on a masterclass – lieing in 4th, the quiet Californian Castellano – who no one expected to be that high up let alone going fastest in timed practice. Miguel Matias is doing well in 9th – revitalised since his 3rd place @ the Euros this summer and 3rd highest Losi driver. Darren Bloomfield in 12th is the highest non-practice-r (yes that word doesn’t exist!) but respect to Tyler Vik in 15th – doing a great job. 14 year-old aussie Kyle McBride may turn out to be the fairytale story of the Worlds lets see, he’s in 22nd at the moment and seems like a lovely young guy, Worlds warm up winner Meen Vejrak is in 28th; highest home country driver.