Maifield: unbeatable on Wednesday

Wednesday 10th: Q1 & Q2 of qualifying. Links: Qual Results | Today’s Photo Gallery | Day 4 Videos

Q2: Team Associated’s Ryan Maifield was on fire today as he halfway towards TQ’ing the 2010 Worlds. In Q2 Ryan went out on JConcepts Subcultures tyres, but decided to change back to the green compound he had used in the earlier round. Defending champion Hara picked up the pace as he had a much better run on the right tyre compound. Tebo was quick, but will be looking for some higher finishes, Adam Drake [See Interview below”> is quietly putting in solid runs to make sure he is in the top 16. The two standout performances of Q2 have to go to Kyle McBride, young 15-year old from Australia and Elliott Boots from the UK. High profile casualties include the likes of Mike Truhe (slow marshals), David Ronnefalk – breaking and Cody King who placed 2nd in Q1 but broke in Q2. The track today has been pretty good after its initial ‘sweep’ during the first couple of heats in Q1. Qualifying Results after Q2

Q2 Top 20 result  1) Maifield, Ryan (14/10:35.269 R2),    2) Hara, Atsushi (14/10:44.109 R2),    3) Tebo, Jared (13/10:01.504 R2),    4) Drake, Adam (13/10:09.410 R2),    5) McBride, Kyle (13/10:11.350 R2),    6) Boots, Elliott (13/10:11.520 R2),    7) Aigoin, Yannick (13/10:11.623 R2),    8) Castellano, Matt (13/10:14.440 R2),    9) Wheeler, Josh (13/10:18.618 R2),    10) Leinu, Teemu (13/10:18.626 R2),    11) Tessmann, Ty (13/10:20.818 R2),    12) Kanai, Yuichi (13/10:21.384 R2),    13) Cavalieri, Ryan (13/10:22.558 R2),    14) Fischer, Billy (13/10:23.341 R2),    15) Matias, Miguel (13/10:23.563 R2),    16) Aigoin, Jerome (13/10:23.823 R2),    17) Savoya, Renaud (13/10:24.817 R2),    18) Martin, Lee (13/10:25.284 R2),    19) Cragg, Neil (13/10:25.836 R2),    20) Easton, Billy (13/10:28.470 R2)

An interview with Adam Drake

An interview with Lee Martin

Our video production team from RC Racing TV have arrived and Nick has been busy, below is a round up of heat 5 in Q1, along with a short intro to the 2010 IFMAR World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand below that. Look out for more videos from the team as the day progresses!

5 Drivers, 5 laps from Heat 5!

A three-hour time lapse video & a chat with Ryan Maifield after Q1

Q1 has come to a close, once again the fast guys were out in heat 1 on a pretty dusty slow track, heat by heat the track improved, Maifield set his benchmark time in Heat 2, only Cody King in heat 5 could come close to his result – the only other 14 lapper. Fast practice man Jared Tebo had a low key qualifier by his standards ending up 7th overall, the reverse was true for LRP runner Jorn Neumann who ended up 6th. Taylor Petersen in 11th is our highest-placed non-practiced driver, followed by Bloomfield in 12th as top Brit. Out of the top 20, only 3 weren’t at practice (Tyler Vik in 18th). The drivers who lost out in Q1 were Hara – citing a wrong tyre choice, Amezcua 53rd, Degani in 71st, Mike Truhe 75th, Shin Adachi 97th, Neil Cragg 150th.
Qualifying Rd 1 Results