After this weekend’s successful Sidewinder event [See Photos“>, track owner Rob Jackson sent us a short statement regarding ‘running the track dry’…
WOW! Great weekend of racing at TA! Thanks to all of the racers who attended the event and to all of the sponsors that make it possible.
Now to clear a few things up that affected the attendance I believe. Running the track dry may be the most consistent but also the most abrasive for tire wear. The reason for doing it (solely my decision) was a test to see how well the track held up for a large scale event which was considered for the upcoming races in 2011. With that being said we at TA will be running the races wet, unless a spec-tire will be handed out to help offset the added cost of tire wear for the average racer who has to pay for his products.

Thunder Alley wish to express their apologies for any added expenses that may have been incurred as a result of the dry track conditions at the Sidewinder race; however we now have an even better understanding how the dirt performs and look forward to welcoming you to race here again.
[Rob Jackson”>