Ryan Maifield stepped up his game in Q3 as he put in a comfortable TQ run. With the sun having set, temperatures falling special thanks to Upgrade-RC for the loaner jacket which stopped the onset of neumonia! Anyway Maifield in Q3 was very fast in the beginning and with a few laps remaining his lead was already great enough for him to back off and manage it until the finish. Q1 TQ Josh Wheeler ended up 2nd overall and Ty Tessmann 4th. Ryan Maifield also TQ’d the slightly less contested truggy class, infront of Dylan Rodriguez.
Latest batch of photos online Here | New video online below

Q1 down and a small surprise! Mark Pavidis initially set the pace with a 14/7:00.09 only for Ryan Maifield to better that with a 15 lapper in 7:27.23 it looked like Ryan had taken Q1 but up steps Josh Wheeler with his XRAY [d”>XB8[/d”> 808 and takes TQ by two tenths. Rankins will be determined via qual points with two qualifiers counting out of the three, top 9 go direct to the Amain and 3 bump from the B. Track is being run dry and the long sweeper is catching a few people out at the top of the hill. Link to Gallery

Q1 Expert
TQ. Josh Wheeler – XRAY/OS/Pro-Line – 15/7:26.99
2. Ryan Maifield – AE/Reedy/JConcepts – 15/7:27.23
3. Mark Pavidis – Kyosho/OS/AKA – 14/7:00.09
4. Ryan Cavalieri – AE/Reedy/Pro-Line – 14/7:01.76
5. Dylan Rodriguez – Mugen/OS/Pro-Line – 14/7:02.12
6. Adam Drake – Losi/Novarossi/Losi – 14/7:03.96
7. Ty Tessmann – Hot Bodies/OS/Pro-Line – 14/7:06.87
8. Mike Truhe – Losi/Orion/Losi – 14/7:09.93
9. Barry Baker – O’Donnell/O’Donnell – 14/7:12.20
10. Cody King – Kyosho/Orion/AKA – 14/7:14.22
11. Billy Fischer – Losi/Novarossi – 14/7:16.83
12. Matt Castellano – Losi/OS/Losi – 14/7:18.25