[size=x-small”>Report by: Rob Barrett & RNC Foto
The JBRL nitro race kicked off in Beaumont California at the famous Thunder Alley. 172 entries turned out for the 5th race in the series. It was a hot day but everyone had a good time running in their respective heats and enjoying some of the awesome burritos and tacos that were being made on site by a local vendor. Thunder Alley had a challenging layout for this round with 3 good size step up jumps, 3 sections with 2 possible paths that could be taken, and a tough 4 turn downhill staircase. The qualifying heats had some great action with plenty of slicing and dicing as the racers vied for P1. Expert buggy, round 2 was fun to watch as the top pros went for the top spot in each of the 3 heats. Heat 16 saw Adam Drake take the top spot only to have Mike Castellano take it away in heat 17 and then Cody King, not wanting to be out down by Drake and Castellano locked up the P1 spot in the 18th heat.
Link to Rd 5 Results | Rd 5 Photos

Expert Buggy A Main 15 minute main
The final race of the day, the experts lined up ready to duel for every point they could find in the series. After qualifying the top 3 were Cody King, Matt Castellano, and Adam Drake. As the field took to the first lap the mid pack guys gotten piled up in the second turn and Adam flamed out but his crew was on it and got him back out about 3/4 of a lap back of the leaders. After the dust settled on the 2nd lap, the top of the field was Cody, Drew Moller, and Travis Amezcua. Levi was pressuring Amezcua and got the pass for third place. Half way through the race Adam had picked off half the field and was charging toward the front. By the end of the 15 minute main Adam had closed to 4th place and was 7 seconds away from 3rd place Levi. Drew grabbed the lead and Cody was closing in with just 2 minutes when Cody rolled it over on top of the stairs and gave Drew a nice lead he could ride to the checkers to take the win.

Expert Truggy A Main 15 minute main
The expert class lined with up Adam Drake, Dylan Rodriguez and Levi taking the top 3 spots. From the sound of the tone to the end no one had anything for Adam and his Losi Truggy. They all got off to a clean start as Dylan and Levi tried to track down Adam but Cody King was clean and fast and caught the pair. Cody was able to capitalize when Dylan rolled it over for the 3rd spot as Levi put a good amount of daylight between himself and Cody to take the 2nd spot.

Jimmy and his crew did a great job running a smooth race, calling penalties for rough driving and handling tech. The next JBRL Nitro race will be in Bakersfield California, September 12th at Full Throttle Hobbies & Raceway.