Tamiya have published a blog post to clear up some rumours and such about the 201 based Short Course race truck you may have seen or heard of – “It was build using the TRF 201 buggy and has been stretched and widened to make it legal for racing under ROAR guidelines by using mostly Tamiya parts and a few from other manufacturers. The “TS-201SC” was built by Track Star RC in Winchester California to be raced, showcased and used as a test vehicle to draw interest from racers and enthusiasts alike to gauge the market for Tamiya through Track Star / Short Course HQ’s efforts. This is NOT a factory built prototype or preproduction truck. However upon speaking to the powers that be at Tamiya USA they are excited about this project and we will continue to race and develop the “TS-201SC” for as long as they wish us to do so. A second test bed truck is currently being built by Track Star in a little bit different configuration and plans to possibly build a third configured truck are also in the works.”