Caster Racing USA is pleased to announce their newest entry into the RC community. Being developed for 3 years, this is the final results of their efforts. Quote from Mike Mazza “It was a lot of fun being involved with this project because our technology has improved dramatically over the past 18 months. I decided that we needed a color change one day when I was out looking at golf clubs. It seems in that industry, they take color and graphics very seriously on something that no way has a gain other than for sheer sale factor. I decided we needed to do the same and focused on several ideas and even did a survey outside of rc. On the engineering side, we are using new materials such as Delrin for the gears and using new programs and techniques for machining T6 aluminum on how to design for maximum weight savings and keeping strength. I think that this should send a strong statement to the RC Community that we can build a better mousetrap and that we have moved once again exponentially forward since the beginning.” He also mentioned that these kits along with the SK-10 plastic version kits should be available in North America by the 15th of September and that they are accepting pre orders now at Caster Racing USA.
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