X Factory announces a new rear axle for the X – 6 and X – 6 Squared. The new axle, part # 5661, is designed specially for the X – 6 and X – 6 Squared and manufactured for us by M.I.P. Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair explained: “Many drivers have used our older #5660 rear axle. That part was a direct copy of the BK2 axle and it needed shims on the inside to make it work. While many drivers use it because it allows full droop, the old axle as really too long and sometimes caused the dogbones to bottom out in the outdrives. “I designed #5661 to be the perfect length; it allows full droop but will not bottom out in the outdrive. We also have included the correct spacer to go between the axle and the inner bearing. The axle fits right on your C.V.D. in place of the standard B4 axle. The spacer goes on the axle against the shoulder to the inside of the inner wheel bearing.” #5661 axles were shipped to fine hobby stores all over the world on Monday, so your local X Factory dealer should have them. They are on the XFactoryRC.com web site now. Two axles and two spacers per package, so one package does one car. They work great in both the X – 6 and X – 6 Squared, but are not needed in the X – 60 truck. XFactory