This weekend Kyosho had their annual race in the middle of Tokyo at the Hobby Circuit. The weather played a big part, Friday practice skipped and all racing cancelled on Saturday, instead a condensed and compact qualifying was run on Sunday followed by short finals; main final being 15mins. Keeping up the international presence was wonderkid David Ronnefalk, having spent 1 day at home in Sweden after last weekends race in Pierrefeu before jetting off to the land of the rising sun. The Jet setting doesn’t appear to faze him with Ronnefalk TQing and lining up first on the starting grid. However the script for the final didn’t go according to plan as Ronnefalk was hit whilst jumping falling to last place, an strategic early pit call seemed to work as he was running 5th, until he ran out of fuel on the last lap. Kazuya Tanaka took the win, following on from his 2nd place finish at the Japanese Nationals two weeks ago. The favoured tyre for the track appears to be Pro-Line’s Inside Job, although both Kanai and Adachi finishing 2nd & 3rd ran AKA rubber.