Round 4: Looking like Ronnefalk will be taking Overall TQ

Round 3 Done: Ronnefalk TQ
Round 2 is done and it looks like Ales Bayer is heading for TQ, although his round 3 result wasn’t that great (6/5:00.457) but with two TQs he will be hard to beat.

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Photos from yesterday Evening! [size=x-small”>Let it load…takes a bit of time

So the first round is underway and the fast heats have gone, so UN-offcially off the record on the downlow, it looks like Ales Bayer from the Czech Republic is TQ for the first round, followed by David Ronnefalk, who had a tough qualifying, but appears to be finding some speed. Yesterday in round 4 the dust was really everywhere, but maybe the morning dew has settled it for round 1. The track is also getting progressively bumpier, and the move towards flater-more normal tyres (CF style) looks to be an option for round 2.
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