The fourth round of practice yesterday saw some seious fine dust take over the track, and having started a bit late, dinner called before the end of the round. In the end it was Rene Kargl who steered his GS CLX car to TQ, with only four guys managing to do the ‘magic’ seven laps. (Kargl, Robin, Perrin, Kerry)

So round 2 and the great weather continues the grass on track continues to be worn away, reseeding is underway, and now we’re gonna have the opening ceremony.
We have a lot of photos which will be online this afternoon!
Link: Practice Results – You can also see the results heat by heat as they run.

Practice is in full swing today at the B-Euros, we have some awesome weather and the track is looking pretty good. A definite racing line has developed as grass is gradually worn away exposing some dirt! A bit of a surprise for practice as the Spaniard Patxi Penas TQ’s the first practice. Many drivers are still getting to grips with the grip (no pun intended!) but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves!