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Serpent is moving ahead with full power
Michael Salven and Ronald Baar (me) own the Serpent name, domain-names, brand-rights, the stock and designs. We have established Serpent Asia, Serpent America (booth in Chicago I-Hobby show) and next month Serpent Europa too. We have an office in Holland (Heemstede) to do general management, design and marketing.
As advised before merely the full production-line has been moved to Asia and its already in full operation. Serpent S120, S720 and S960 are made and are being sold, same with spare parts and optionals for same. The auction this person is talking about is the sales of all remaining machines, tables and other stuff, not related to products (except some very old stuff, we did not bother to take along).
Ronald BaarIt seems that after posting ‘Serpent was closing’ on August 1st, where there’s smoke there’s fire, appearing that Serpent have succomed to financial difficulties and the headquarter’s doors at Heemstede are closed for good. According to early information the brand name has been sold to Asia, and may reappear in the future, but assets will be auctioned off from October 21-24th here. We hear the inventory list is extensive and will be published soon, but expect completely new Serpent model cars, vintage cars Serpent from the museum, transmitters, electronics, computers, monitors, CNC machines and basically everything in the company was present during the bankruptcy.
A sad day for the RC industry…
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