Hara’s Worlds Winning Car Album

Who would have guessed it!? First off 4 Hot Bodies in the final and Atsushi Hara tearing up the pre-race script to take the win infront of Mike Truhe and Renaud Savoya! The final was a fantastic display of driving skill, mixed in with excitement, heartbreak and luck for some. Starting out Maifield Cavalieri and Truhe were freight training around the track, swapping positions as fuel stops ensued. At the 15min mark Tebo assumed the third spot and continued his run to lead breifly only for Cavalieri to flame out due to overcooked brakes. 20 Minutes in it was AE vs Losi vs OD… the top 3 of Maifield, True and Tebo fighting to lead and open a tiny gap, only for it to be slammed shut immediately. A few drops of rain fell, but we were fortunate that this didn’t develop and dampen the racing, as on track, Hara suddenly came alive as he moved into 3rd. 30-35 mins Savoya was in 3rd but a not able to run with Truhe & Maifield due to their pace. With half of the final gone, Truhe had the lead, followed by Maifield, Savoya, Hara & Tebo.

Pit stops funneled through and Hara and Maifield start battling crazy on track, inside outside passes, jumping past, fantastic to watch! 30-40mins in the trio of leaders continually swap positions for the next 15mins. Now with 10mins to go, the crowd are on their feet, fog horns bellowing around the track, a amphiteatre of excitement! Hara Maifield and Truhe are still matching each other, that is until Maifield flames on lap 72 of 79 and puts him out of contention, this gifts 3rd place to Savoya who has fought hard to establish himself infront of the chasing pack. 4 mins to go and Hara starts to take it easy, he has a 12.3 sec lead from Truhe, but Truhe slices through this but it wasn’t enough to catch Atsushi ‘Maximum Best’ Hara who claims the 2008 IFMAR World Championship @ the Farm II.