A couple of days ago we posted about the rule changes from IFMAR relating to the entry limit increase by 36 places from 180 to 216.

According to information received, all 4 blocs had asked for more places than originally allocated, with 2 of those blocs satisfied (FEMCA, FAMAR). Out of the 36 new places, we believe a combined total of 9 will go towards FEMCA & FAMAR, leaving 27.

Of the original 180 places, IFMAR are allocated 14 places, the remaining 27 of the ‘new’ places will also go to IFMAR for fair distribution between EFRA and ROAR (we have deducted 9 for FEMCA & FAMAR already), i.e. there are 41 IFMAR places.

The distribution of the 41 places is as follows; one will automatically go to Mark Pavidis, as reigning World champion, leaving 40 places. These will most likely be split down the middle, 20 going to EFRA and 20 going to ROAR.

If correct it would mean ROAR will have 69 places (plus Pavidis). This unprecedented increase in entries doesn’t look like it will help the big name drivers at the bottom of the ROAR waiting list, including the likes of, Tillman, Easton, Tebo, Kortz, Amezcua, Robbers. In the present climate, the amount of dropouts and no-shows from all blocs looks to be close to zero, making it even more unlikely for the above drivers to get an entry trackside. This situation is not unique to ROAR with EFRA being allocated a total of 59 spaces, and several top drivers also listed on their country’s waiting lists.