A fantastic weekend for Christoffer Svensson, dominating the whole race from start to finish. 2x TQ, 2x pole position and wins in both buggy and truggy was the order of the day. In the buggy main, starting as car 1 Svensson lead, was 2nd on the 2nd lap, then then grabbed the lead and drove away. Hazlewood battled early on with Gustafsson, Gus eventually opening a gap from Hazlewood. However Gustafsson was unable to fully catch a hard-charging Svensson, in the end Gustafsson was denied a worthy second place by clutch issues.

In truggy Svensson started out front but was passed by Hazlewood, they played cat and mouse for a while, but fast consistent driving and good pitstops gifted Svensson the lead on lap 16, Hazlewood had 2nd place wrapped up until lap 38 where center diff issues (melted!) forced him to retire.