We have an exclusive on a storm brewing in the Swedish offroad community. For many years, the Furulund club, organisation and management have courted controversy. The facility, one of the best in Northern Europe is let down by a track, largely unchanged for over 10 years. Having played host to the 1998 Euros and 2004 Worlds, it has a great history but having reached those peaks, the track has reverted to using more artificial surfaces to keep it consistent and minimise maintenance. On this basis it is understandable, however using significant artificial track materials goes against the core principles of driving offroad.
It is the Furulund club’s affinity for artificial materials which have landed them in stormy waters. Due to hold the first round of the Swedish cup in the first weekend of May, the track in it’s current form breaks the Swedish federation’s track rules. Back in 2004 there was some debate as to whether the track would pass the IFMAR track specifications, however nothing came of this.
Since then, further additions of concrete, Astroturf, wood and buried plastic reinforcements have taken place. At the time of the photos, the plastic sections were very much visible and part of the track surface, as opposed to buried under some dirt/clay.
Track Photo Gallery

With our improvised track diagram, it is pretty evident that significantly more than 50% of the track surface is artificial. Even if the ‘clay/plastic’ sections were to be filled in with dirt, the problem would not be solved.

In the end it boils down to the balls of the rulemakers…should the race go ahead on an illegal track? Should the race be cancelled? Should a replacement venue be found?
We hope to keep you updated about any developments.