The buggy final erupted into a tense battle between Mike Truhe and Ryan Cavalieri, Ryan being marginally faster than Mike. Playing cat and mouse until 18:30 in, where Cavalieri lost it over a jump and into the fence, breaking what looked like a rear arm. Live RC kinda shut down before we could check the results, so a few may be wrong….but Truhe won!

Jared tebo won the first main, but in the 2nd he looked like he could do it, allowing maifield take 1st place, he had to hold Cavalieri behind him….he did until the last lap. A bobble cost him victory.

Yannick led the first few laps, then Truhe took over, had a little skirmish with Cavalieri, eventually resulting in Truhe with a comfortable lead. 2 more 25mins mains to go!
Amain 1 Buggy:
1. Mike Truhe
2. Ryan Cavalieri
3. Jared Tebo
4. Cody King
5. Richard Saxton
6. Ryan Maifield
7. Yannick Aigoin
8. Ryan Lutz
9. Billy Fischer
10. Atsushi Hara
11. Taylor Peterson
12. Mark Pavidis
13. Adam Drake.
Drake had servo problems and missed the start.

Jared Tebo pretty much led from start to finish without too much comotion!
Amain Truggy 1 Result:
1. Jared Tebo
2. Mike Truhe
3. Ryan Maifield
4. Adam Drake
5. Ryan Cavalieri
6. Mark Pavidis
7. Yannick Aigoin
8. Billy Fischer
9. JR Mitch
10. Bobby Tillman
11. Ryan Lutz
12. Atsushi Hara
13. Chad Bradley

Buggy B main to Amain:
Richard Saxton, Cody King, Billy Fischer

Truggy B main to Amain:
JR Mitch, Bobby Tillman, Ryan Lutz!!!

Buggy C Main to B main:
Chad Bradley, Christoffer Svensson, Jesse Robbers

Truggy C main to B main bumps:
Levi Jackson, Gary Guest, Ryan Lutz

Buggy D main bumpers to C main:
Lee Martin, Gene Hickerson, Casey Peck

Truggy D main bumpers to C main:
Ryan Lutz, Cody King, Dylan Rodriguez

Mains Listing

Today is finals at at the Silverstate, a standard A,B,C setup will be used, with a few differences: First 10 cars qualify per main, with 3 bump ups. And the Amain in buggy and truggy will decided over 2, 20min mains.

A-main Lineup Buggy
1 Adam Drake
2 Yannick Aigoin
3 Ryan Cavalieri
4 Jared Tebo
5 Mike Truhe
6 Ryan Maifield
7 Taylor Peterson
8 Ryan Lutz
9 Atsushi Hara
10 Mark Pavidis
B-main Lineup Buggy
11 1 Cody King
12 2 Jeremy Kortz
13 3 Josh Wheeler
14 4 Billy Fischer
15 5 Jason Branham
16 6 Richard Saxton
17 7 Greg Degani
18 8 Jerome Sartel
19 9 Travis Amezcua
20 10 JR Mitch

C-main Lineup Buggy
21 1 Chad Bradley
22 2 Bobby Tillman
23 3 Christoffer Svensson
24 4 Gary Guest
25 5 Jesse Robbers
26 6 Samuel Lenzi
27 7 Marty Korn
28 8 Phillip Atondo
29 9 Jason Ashton
30 10 Raul Peris

Yannick in Round 3