GRP have been in touch presenting us with the worldwide exclusive news that engine production of the Ninja engines will cease as of February 1st 2008.
Their statement in full:


GRP has decided that starting from 1st of February 2008, it will cease its engine production of the engine line under Ninja brand, to focus 100% on the production of its new own brand name GRP, which will be presented at worldwide level at the imminent Nuremberg Toy Fair.
GRP also informs that the other Boss and Falcon engine lines will remain regularly in production.

Given the big quantity of Ninja engines sold on the market, GRP commits itself in making available to Mugen all Ninja spare parts for the next 2 years.

We take this occasion to thank all Mugen staff for the co-operation had to the Ninja project.

In Faith
Maurizio & Stefano Gandini
GRP Gandini Racing Production Srl”