We caught up with the newly crowned 2007 ROAR Gas Offroad national champion Adam Drake for some intensive interviewing and here it is!….Click ‘Read More’ to read all of it.

– Hi Adam, thank you for taking the time to do this exclusive interview with Neo-Buggy.net.
-Thank you for the opportunity.

– Let’s start out by congratulating you on your fine win; it looked like you were destined to win the ROAR Nats very soon, having been favourite on the poll on Neo-Buggy.
– Thanks! I’m really excited for Team Losi and Trinity. It’s been a great year; with the 8ight winning all the major races (Nitro Challenge, Silver State, and now the ROAR Nationals). – If we look back a bit to the 2006 Nats, with Travis’ TQ dominance, and you in 4th, finishing 4th and Travis in 7th, would you describe those Nationals as a disappointment? – Considering the 8ight was still in it’s infancy but final stages of development?
– The 2006 nationals was a little disappointing after Travis and I qualifying so well, but for our first ROAR National with a prototype buggy it was a great experience. The buggy preformed well, and held up, we just had some other racing issues.

– Since the 2006 ROAR Truck Nats in Nevada, a pattern of Losi dominance has emerged:

2006 Neo Invitational race
Buggy – 1 & TQ – Adam Drake / Truggy – 1 & TQ – Adam Drake
Midwest Nitro Champs
Buggy – 1 & TQ – Adam Drake / Truggy – 1 & TQ – Adam Drake
Team Losi Nitro Championship
Buggy – 1, 2 Mike Truhe Adam Drake & TQ – Adam Drake / Truggy – 1 & TQ – Adam Drake
Dirt Nitro Challenge
Buggy – 1 & TQ – Mike Truhe / Truggy – 1 – Truhe, TQ Amezcua
Silver state Nitro Challenge
Buggy – Drake TQ – Losi 1,2 Truhe, Drake / Truggy – Quali 1,2 – Finish 3rd
Offroad meeting, Italy
Buggy – 1 Adam Drake
2007 ROAR Nationals
1 Adam Drake

– Do you expect these types of results to continue for many years to come? or will competitors start to catch up a bit?
– We are very excited and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. We are constantly working on improving our current buggy and truggy. We learn new things at each event. The Team has been running well and working well together. I think we have not only won all the major US races, but we have had more cars in the A final then any other manufacturer.

– How would you compare this victory to your others?
– This is my biggest win to date. I’ve been waiting a longtime to win the ROAR Nationals and it feels awesome.

– Having won several big races now, what are your next targets?
– The next major event in the US is the ROAR truck Nationals. After that, I’m really looking forward to the 2008 IFMAR World Championship.

– Moving on a bit, there have been several changes with Team Losi recently; company changes, personnel etc. How do you see Losi as a company compared to when you started working there?
– As companies grow there is a period where they go through a lot of change. For me, it’s a really exciting time of growth. With change, there becomes a lot of opportunities.

– The inevitable question about Gil Losi Jr’s departure; it’s been covered top to bottom, but you clearly have a great admiration for him as expressed in another interview; how do you see your friendship with him changing now that you are both working towards beating each other, albeit in different roles?
– Gil and I are still great friends and I don’t see that changing. Gil has tough me a lot and was a big part of this win. He was waiting and the bottom of the drive stand to give me a hug and congratulate me in St. Louis. We still stay in touch and are very close.

– What possibility is there that you would drive for Gil Jr again?
– Anything is possible, but I’m really excited about the 8ight, 8ight T, and AD2. I’ve put so much time into helping with the development, and I’m enjoying the success of Team Losi Racings cars and trucks.

– One of your early offroad gas team mates Travis Amezcua recently left to join the Hot Bodies team, what kind of reaction from the Losi camp was there when this news broke?
– I was disappointed to hear Travis was going to HB. I wish him the best. Travis and I have been friends for a long time. I’m looking forward to being in his wedding next month.

– Back to the race; the Dirt burners crew did a sensational job coping with what Mother Nature could throw at them; rain, thunderstorms etc. How would you rate the race as a whole, organisation, track, racing, facilities, and atmosphere?
– The track, racing and facility were awesome. The organization of the event was a little crazy because of the weather, but what can you do?

– Talk us through the Amain from your perspective, the start, your tactics, feelings hearing Maifield pull away then flame; keeping Tebo at bay in the last 10mins…
– The race was a battle from start to finish. Other then Mayfield, it was really close with Truhe, Robbers, Tebo, and myself. Mayfield got a great start and was pulling because the rest of us were battling. It was very unfortunate that Mayfield had problem. With about 17-20 min to go it was mainly between Tebo and me. We had about a lap on Cavalieri. I just pretty much just cruised. Tebo had some fast laps near the end, but he was pushing very hard and made a lot of mistakes.

– Having won this race now, you have very much cemented your reputation as one of the best drivers in the world currently; what other drivers from the US and abroad do you most admire, / would you like to race against.
– Mike Truhe, Jesse Robbers, Ryan Mayfield, Ryan Cavalieri, Yannick Aigoin, Taylor James, Chad Bradley, Scott Hughes

– Do you prefer racing in the US or abroad? differences, pros, cons etc?
– I enjoy both. Racing in the US is nice because I know pretty much everyone. Racing abroad is really exciting because the tracks are a lot different.

– Any last thoughts?
– I would just like to thanks everyone for all the support and my sponsors. Team Losi Racing, Trinity, Tempgun.com, Airtronics, Lunsford, MIP, JBL, Novak, Upgrade RC, RCid, Pacific Coast Hobbies, HT Batteries, A Main Bodies, SkipGear.com, Avid RC, B Mods, TKO and The Dirt

Thanks Adam!