The 2nd round of Swedish Cup produced a surprise win for Henrik Nilsson, the sole Team Losi representative in Sweden’s top flight. With Christoffer Svensson taking pole for the final, and leading with Linus behind for some time until he broke. Christoffer maintained the lead up until the 30min mark where he also broke, this left Henrik Nilsson to pick up the 1st place trophy.

Final Results:
1. Henrik Nilsson – Losi/OS
2. Robert Gustavsson – XRAY/OS
3. Mikael Palsson – Mugen/Ninja
4. Robert Häggren – Kyosho/RB
5. Per Carlsson – TTR/OS
6. Niclas Brunsberg – Kyosho/RB
7. Jesper Hagström – XRAY/OS
8. Rickard Hellsten – Kyosho/RB
9. Christoffer Svensson – Kyosho/RB
10. Linus Thern – Kyosho/RB
Source: / Top 22 results