Results from the Dirt NC Buggy A main
1. Mike Truhe – Losi/Novarossi
2. Jared Tebo – O’Donnell/O’Donnell
3. Chad Bradley – Jammin/OS
4. Adam Drake – Losi/Trinity Drake
5. Marty Korn – GS/WERKS
6. Gary Guest – Jammin/Picco
7. Aaron Waldron – Losi/Trinity Drake
8. Scott Hughes – Mugen/OS
9. Taylor James – Jammin/OS
10. Travis Amezcua – Losi/Novarossi
11. Jesse Robbers – Losi/Trinity Drake
12. Justin Wheeler – XRAY/WERKS
13. Bobby Tillman – Mugen/Ninja
14. Ryan Cavalieri – AE/OS
15. Ryan Maifield – AE/OS

So, Mike Truhe dominates the 2007 Dirt Nitro Challenge! A huge congrats to him! Team Losi, and Novarossi! A very interesting race in particular for the first time ever we believe, not a single Kyosho in the buggy A-main! (there were 4 in the Amain in 2006) Although 2 featured in the truggy A getting 3rd, 13th.
Signs of changing times? maybe, definately a sign of how competitive this race is. Additionally a superb move by Novarossi to bring out the 21-5K to the Dirt NC with Mike Truhe winning back to back with it. The next point to cover was the anti-climax of the Associated’s RC8s; coming last and 2nd last. From what we hear they had quite a few non-car problems, – electrics etc. So lets wait an see for the Silverstate… Lastly, a huge well done to Jared Tebo for getting 2nd place. The best way to prove his critics wrong would have been a stunning win, but hey 2nd place is pretty great!!! Good to see Jared back fighting at the sharp end.