A true hero’s story by Dean Steenman, TQing and winning the buggy class of the African Cup. Not only was it his first race and outing with the Losi 8ight, but he also fractured his right arm and sprained his thumb after a fall pitting another driver before the semis!

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Dean also TQed in the Truggy class but had bad luck in the 1/4 finals and fell out after a drive shaft pin came out.

The African Cup was 3 days of RC heaven in the hot African Sun.
Guys were working hard on finding the right setups for there respective classes but were chasing the setup with a ever changing track.
The new surface that was put down for the new ,bigger and improved venue ,held out well and only broke up on a few places but nothing to hamper the spirit of the competitors.

Seeing that this was organised and run as a International event ,it was disappointing that we didn’t get more international drivers attending.
Only international driver to attend was Denny Boy ,a GS driver.
Marty Korn had passport issues and couldn’t make it as well.
Hope to have more international drivers attend next year and would like to put the challenge out there for them to attend and see if they can beat our top drivers.

Thanks to all involved with the African Cup for putting on a AWESOME event.