A huge congrats to Mark on his win, Pro Line for taking 9/10 of the final and Linus For making the main!

1. Mark Pavidis 60 Laps – 60:32.133 USA – Kyosho/OS
2. Scott Hughes 60 Laps 60:40.420 USA – Mugen/OS
3. Guillaume Vray 60 Laps 60:49.327 FRA – Mugen/RB
4. Chad Bradley 59 Laps 60:19.626 USA – Jammin/OS
5. Linus Thern 59 Laps 60:38.312 SWE – Kyosho/RB
6. Yannick Aigoin 59 Laps 60:47.410 FRA – XRAY/RB
7. Jeremy Kortz 58 Laps 60:11.977 USA – Hobao/Werks
8. Bobby Tillman 57 Laps 60:13.633 USA – Mugen/Ninja
9. Greg Degani 41 Laps 41:33.691 USA – HoBao/Picco
10. Jon Hazlewood 40 Laps 44:06.444 UK – XRAY/Recab OS

Thanks to Medial Pro and Carlos for the updates!

A pic of Aigoins tyres after the final

Here is a short report on the final which we did live updates for:
Pavidis, Vray, Aigoin all crash on the first lap. Aigoin picks up the pace and starts moving up. Degani is leading at this point with Hughes and Thern behind him. Aigoin takes the lead 9mins, followed by Kortz, Hughes. Degani up to 2nd with Aigoin 15sec ahead. 23mins Hazlewood breaks a shock. Aigoin, Degani, Hughes. Aigoin 30 secs ahead of Pavidis followed closely by Degani, Kortz, Hughes. Kortz flames, then again; Degani breaks; Aigoin, Hughes, Pavidis. Vray 4th 1 lap down. 46mins Aigoin flames out. Hughes, Pavidis, Vray. Aigoin moving fast, 2sec behind Vray then flames again. 2 laps to go and Pavidis and Hughes are battling; Pavidis carves out a short lead and Hughes is attacking the track like crazy but making mistakes!!!! Pavidis rolls over the line to become the 2006 World Champ