Maurizio Monesi - 1988 IFMAR World Champion

1988 WC: Maurizio Monesi (Italy) – Garbo Roadfighter / Mantua T4 / Mantua
TQ: Yuuichi Kanai (Japan)

Two years after the first Worlds were held in Grenoble, France it was now time for the Italians to host, the venue – Bancole, a small village 7km north of Mantova in northern Italy close to the Mantua/Garbo factory. 120 drivers attended in total made up of 21 Italians, 15 French, 15 German, 12 Austrian, 11 British, 9 Japanese, 8 Swedish, 7 Spanish, 6 Swiss, 5 Dutch, 3 Thai, 2 Danish, 2 Australian, 2 Greek & 1 driver from Hong Kong. Qualifying saw Japanese drivers occupy 3 of the top 4 spots with the Kyosho Burns car and special ‘Worlds tyres’ from Kyosho clearly working very well. At Grenoble ’86 it was an all European final; part of the reason being that the Japanese came with very out dated cars, on the other hand their cameras worked very well. They studied and learnt a lot in ’86 and in late ’87 Kyosho released the Burns – the first buggy with modern design & geometry. Compared with it’s European counterparts the quality was far better than the European ‘Garagistas’ cars.

Confirming the Burn’s abilities Yuuichi Kanai TQ’d, the car excelling in the jump sections, countrymen Kondoh 2nd and Yagi 4th – it was looking good at this stage. The B semi was run first with Kondoh taking it a lap ahead of Gueye and Yagi in 3rd, in Semi A Kanai started on pole leading comfortably until the halfway point where he seemed to suffer radio glitches for around 10 secs, he had dropped down to 5th but recovered well – fighting his way back to the leaders with ease using the Burns ability over the main obstacle of the track: a triple jump. Despite being back up to 3rd and assured of a place in the final it wasn’t enough for Kanai, he kept going faster and faster taking the triple harder and harder every single lap, jumping further and further each time until CRACK, a broken front arm – Game Over for Kanai.

'Banzai Kanai' - Mantova '88


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