Under the Hood: David Ronnefalk


David Ronnefalk (Sweden), 19

Chassis: HB D413 / RED Workshop
Motor: Team Orion VST2 LW
ESC: Team Orion R10.1 Pro
Battery: Team Orion Carbon Pro XS Shorty
Radio & Servos: Ko Propo EX-1 | Ko Propo RSX One10 low profile
Body: Pro-Line
Event: 2015 IFMAR World Championships, 4WD. Yatabe Arena, Japan
Notes: David Ronnefalk is running a special RED Workshop produced aluminium chassis which is 4mm longer in front as well as HB’s new slipper clutch produced for this event.

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Coelho makes it a double in Q2


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Results: Q1 | Q2 – Standings after Q2

Round 2 and the same name at the top, and same top 4 just in a different order as Tom Cockerill took provisional TQ in the B heat, underlining  his own pace as well as the Yokomo’s.  Out front however once again Bruno Coelho shot out of the blocks and if it hadn’t have been for a cartwheeling crash moment he would have swept past the loop for the day’s first 18-lap run.

ECSA7830 ECSA7832 ECSA7833 ECSA7829

Whilst the times are closer on the results, the true story is that Orlowski kept a cleaner race with only one off lap whilst Coelho had significantly better pace over the 5 mins but one lap of over 20 secs and a last lap of 18.1 which ultimately cost him the additional victory TQ lap.


Moving into 3rd David Ronnefalk, running a modified HB D413 buggy, whilst Martin Bayer had a considerably better round, but looks like he has the pace for the top 3. Once again Naoto Matsukura was running strongly near the top for a top 3 finish but a roll over after the table top cost him his chance, whilst Yusuke Sugiura has endured a rubbish first half of quali with a 10th and an 11th place in Q2.

Q2 – Standings after Q2


4WD 1/10 Worlds: Watch Live

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Video: 4WD Worlds Q1, Coelho TQ run

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Coelho cruises to TQ Q1 in 4WD


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Results: Final Practice | Q1

Bruno Coelho gave the new XRAY XB4’16 a perfect debut as he swept to TQ in round 1 of qualifying, in only his second big international 1/10th race he is upsetting the delicate balance of 4WD despite having spent the last two weeks practicing intensively at XRAY’s impressive indoor facility Hudy Arena with the help from team mate Bayer as well who himself was setting the pace early on in the final qualifier but a series of terrible mistakes cost him.

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Bruno looked in final practice to have a slight edge on raw laptime over practice TQ Yusuke Sugiura, however errors cost the Kyosho driver as he would struggle to only 10th. Another driver that would have made it inside the top 5 was 14 year old Kaito Kodera, on for a 17/5:05, a massive error on the last lap on the straight saw him lose 6-7 seconds, disastrous finish after such a strong run. Similarly Naoto Matsukura, initially leading the final heat then running 2nd behind Coelho hit problems on lap 13 and retired.


No such problems for Tom Cockerill taking a surprise 2nd for the round, a surprised yet delighted reaction as he was confirmed as ‘best of the rest’ having marshalled the top heat. It would appear Yokomo have found some pace after yesterday’s morning struggle, 4 cars in the tight top 10, joined by two HB drivers of Ronnefalk and Tessmann. Another consistent showing from Poland’s Michal Orlowski, less than 2/100ths behind Cockerill, even 2nd-5th separated by less than 4/10ths proving how every half a bobble or landing matters at this level.

The question remains, Coelho’s 5 sec gap was mightily impressive.

Q1 Results Overall [PDF]


Under the Hood: Bruno Coelho


Bruno Coelho (Portugal), 22

Chassis: XRAY XB4’16
Motor: LRP 5.5
Battery: LRP 4500
Radio & Servos: Sanwa
Event: 2015 IFMAR 1/10 2WD World Championships

ECSA7468 ECSA7478 ECSA7482 ECSA7484ECSA7487 ECSA7488 ECSA7491 ECSA7496 ECSA7499 ECSA7503 ECSA7506

Sugiura tops 4WD Final Practice


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Results: Final Practice

Friday morning’s final round of ‘free practice’ in the new revised heats saw Yusuke Sugiura once again set the pace over the 5 mins, showing he’s definitely a good bet for qualifying however all eyes should also be on Bruno Coelho, setting 3 consecutive laps of 51.705, comparing with Sugiura’s 52.319 – it would appear that Coelho just as yesterday has potentially more raw pace but is more inconsistent, reinforced by a very slow last lap which dropped him from 2nd to 6th.

ECSA7814 ECSA7741 ECSA7761 ECSA7802

The surprise names making it inside the top 10 were Hayato Matsuzaki, 2007 2WD World Champion in 4th and Kai Kikuchi in 8th whilst 14 year old Kaito Kodera looks ready for quali in 9th.

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4wd final practice

TBR molds new battery box for the Mugen MBX7R

TBR Battery Box

See: TBR
Team Bianchi Racing has just released their new battery box for the Mugen Seiki MBX7R. The bright white battery box not only provides a pleasant resting place for your battery, but adds a bit of bling to your ride as well. The box, molded from white plastic, is finished off with the signature TBR logo to top off the unique look.

XRAY unveils the new & improved XB4’16 1/10 4WD buggy


XRAY raised the bar in the 1/10 buggy class with the XB4, bringing a new high-quality, high-performance player to the field for all others to measure themselves against. Now with a more adaptive platform, XRAY’s 1/10 buggy… the new XB4’16… is now even more the beast to beat.

The new XB4 is artistically crafted in our in-house XRAY factory by design & production specialists, and then extensively tested and refined by the world’s best drivers. Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in Slovakia, Europe, with XRAY’s legendary attention to detail, fine materials, and extreme performance, I am excited to present to you the all-new XB4. – Juraj Hudy

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Hitec introduces new titanium gear, waterproof, & mega scale servos

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See: Hitec
Hitec is proud to introduce their D-Series Dynamo Servos – the titanium gear D940TW, D945TW, D950TW & D980TW; the metal gear D625MW & D645MW and the waterproof, mega scale, IP-67 rated D840WP & D845WP! All Hitec D-Series servos have been designed using their brand new, cutting edge, custom engineering. Combining industry leading high-resolution, state-of-the-art ultra-response technology with a 32-bit MCU and 12-bit ADC for unprecedented programmability and flexibility, these servos deliver unrivaled smooth and precise movement. The speedy, powerful line operates on a wide 4.8 ~ 8.4 voltage range, allowing use with any common battery chemistry without the need for adapters or regulators. Featuring Hitec’s industry standard 25-tooth output spline with 3mm hex screw, each D-series servo brings monster performance never known before in the market.

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