New Kyosho bodyshell spotted

kyosho body

We’re loving the Kyosho news here at Neo! Can’t get enough of ’em!

We remarked in our first story about Kyosho’s answer to the lexan wing craze that we thought Yuichi Kanai might be testing a new body in addition to the confirmed new wing stay, the front windshield not quite resembling that we’ve become accustomed to over the years on the likes of Tebo, King, Boots & more recently Berton…

Bodyshell suspicions have been proved correct in the above shot, sent out as a press release celebrating Kanai’s 40+ win at the Sin City Race last weekend.

From this angle, the body has a more pronounced / steeper angle cab-forward interior – perhaps even elongated slightly, the rear of the sidepods however appears to be much more sculpted, ‘coke-bottle’ shaped and looks to sit lower and snugger (at least on the electrics side) – evident compared to the current body. There appears to be a new ‘bubble’ disguised as an air inlet – presumably to allow for servo throttle/brake linkage. Can you see anything else, leave a comment!


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New Kyosho Wing mount spotted

new kyosho wing stay

But a day after revealing Yuichi Kanai & his team have been running a new wing (& we believe slightly updated cab forward body) – the above photo surfaced via Facebook confirming that the new Kyosho wing uses an updated wing mount.

Whether the ‘stay’ is the same as the most recent update (IF429 – circa 2008) and only features updated mounts at the top remains to be seen, however the design is quite different, appearing to support improved lateral load with the two ‘pronounced prongs’ either side.

The ‘winged’ mount could be in response to the wickerbill rear wing, which on paper should add a little more downforce, and thus a larger mount surface area may help to reduce the outer edges from bending a touch & stiffen the mid section.

Thank you to the contributor who sent this in!

RC Concept aluminum pinions gears

RC Concept aluminum pinions 48p

See: RC Concept

RC Concept introduces its new range of 48-pitch aluminum pinions gears. Those pinions are made of high quality 7075 aluminum and hard coated for a maximal longevity. The light weigh of them will reduce the rotating mass. They could be use in any 1/10 electric vehicle.

AVID aluminum parts trays

AVID aluminum parts trays neo


Avid has released three aluminum parts trays to help suit the different needs of each racer (350x40mm, 200x100mm and 150x75mm). They are aluminum black anodized with silver highlights and feature internal rounded edges for easy part removal. Each tray has a Avid logo laser etched at each end and includes rubber clear feet.

The most unique being the 350x40mm which was designed to be placed at the top or sides of your pit area as a more permanent solution. The 350x40mm and 200x100mm also include 2 round cavities that hold our famous Doodad containers (some racers like to double side tape them in).

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XRAY XB2 Steering block graphite extension set



XRAY introduces new graphite extensions for steering block set for XB2 2wd buggy. The steering block graphite extension is cut from 2.5mm carbon fibre and it works on either left or right side. It allows for easy Ackermann position adjustment for fine-tuning on all surfaces and track conditions.

  • 0-slot extension gives the most aggressive steering, recommended for very technical, small tracks.
  • 2-slot extension turns outside wheels less, easier to drive, makes the car less aggressive and increases cornering speed.
  • 1-slot extension gives racing characteristics between 2 & 0 slots: slightly more steering
  • 2- slot, turns outside wheel more. On high-grip this can produce a stopping in corners.

v_322291 v_322291-&-322292-Extensions-for-Steering-Blocksň

2016 TLR Cup Announcement

tlr cup annonce

See: TLR Cup

TLR France has announced that the second edition of the TLR Cup will take place at Noeux Les Mines, north of France the May 13-14-15. The CARCA club, known for his big event organisation experience and his particular semi artificial track, has organized the +40 European championship in 2015. In addition of the 1/8 scale, this second edition will welcome Short Course 2wd/4wd and 1/10 2wd/4wd classes.

Jerome Sartel told us that all TLR official drivers in Europe (Reno Savoya, Alex Zanchettin, Ricardo Monteiro, Marco Baruffolo, etc …) will be present at the Cup. No doubt, the 2016 TLR CUP edition should be awesome!

For more information, click here.

NitroSwiss welcomes two worldclass brands


See: NitroSwiss

NitroSwiss are proud to become distributor for the brand Highest RC in Switzerland and the distribution for TLR products in Switzerland.
With these top brands we are able to fulfil the high demands of our customers even better.

Video: 2016 Montpellier GP Final

Video via RC


Crompton sticks with Radiosistemi

Dave Crompton radiosistemi jc racing products

See: JC Racing Products

Radiosistemi and JC Racing Products would like to confirm that 8 time UK National Champion Dave Crompton will continue to run the new Radiosistemi RR8v2 for 2016. Dave is pleased to continue the great relationship and looking forward to a busy 2016 race schedule along with the growing UK Radiosistemi/JCR team.

“The new Radiosistemi RR8v2 is a much improved buggy for 2016 and along with the growing team I am looking forward to an even more competitive season than ever. With the help and support of Radiosistemi and JC Racing Products, things are only getting better.” – Dave Crompton

All of us here at JCR would like to wish Dave a great 2016 season.