JConcepts new 1/10 Whippits & Rippits

Whippits and Rippits

The outdoor racing scene has a new off-road tire, the Whippits. Built on the 60mm bead size carcass, the Whippits are fresh from the JConcepts design team. Starting with a sit-down meeting with racing legend Brian “Dirt” Kinwald, Jason Ruona went to work creating a beefier bar tire capable of conquering the outdoor blue groove, black groove and sugar type surfaces. The Whippits feature the 45 degree edging Kinwald asked for with light detail separating the pins as a noticeable top and bottom layer.


Tekno releases new EB48SL buggy

Tekno RC SL

Tekno RC has officially announced the new EB48SL 1/8 buggy. This is NOT a replacement for the EB48.2, but instead a new buggy kit for the emerging “Super Lite” 1/8 buggy class (hints EB48SL). The Super Lite class utilizes 2S LiPos (instead of 4S) and Pro4 SC motors and ESC’s. Why you ask? Many offroad tracks, especially smaller indoor facilities, do not want the liability, wear and tear on the track, and overall carnage that would be caused by full on 4S powered 1/8 E-Buggys. The Super Lite class lightens the cars, tames down the insane power, and in turn changing the minds of many track owners, and allowing 1/8 enthusiasts to race.

EB48SL_6s EB48SL_5s EB48SL_1s EB48SL_13s


Imbue machines V2 Brass Pistons

Imbue V2 Brass Pistons

Riding on the success of the first gen brass shock pistons, Imbue has announced the release of their V2 16mm Brass Shock Pistons. Switching from the conventional tapered body design, to a more efficient tapered hole design, the tapered holes offer a higher flow, resulting in a quicker rebound or softer compression depending on orientation. In addition to the V2 release, a second hole configuration has been added to the lineup. 5×1.45mm shock pistons offer another tuning option for racers looking for every tenth. The 5-holes are better suited for rough conditions, while the 8-holes offer solid all-around dampening.

015024_2 015020v2_2 015020_015024

Source: Imbue

ProTek delivers 2015 ‘Supreme’ LiPos

ProTek 2015 LiPos

ProTek R/C’s all-new 2015 “Supreme Power” 100C LiPo batteries are lighter, safer and more powerful. By improving the proprietary chemical composition of the cells, the 2015 ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” LiPos perform effortlessly when charged to the standard 4.2 volts per cell. The new chemistry uses high-density materials that provide additional heat shielding, thus providing a much safer battery pack that is less prone to puffing under demanding race conditions.


Avid’s new D413 Carbon Arm Inserts

Avid D413 Arm Inserts

Avid has just released their new Hot Bodies D413 Carbon Arm Inserts, which are designed to offer your buggy another great tuning feature by reducing the flex and twist in the arm.   It is common to fine tune the response of the vehicle by placing them just on the front or rear, be creative, but Avid doesn’t recommend running them on just the left or right side because no one will believe you when you tell them that all the right turns are high speed and the 2 left turns on the track have bumps in them. Available as a complete car set (front and rear), or individual front and rear sets.

Source: Avid

Pro-Line unveils ‘Prime Track Shoe’


Pro-Line Racing has announced today their all-new ‘Prime Track Shoe’. The new show is designed to offer the ultimate in corner marshalling performance, featuring the signature P-L Prime tread design in MC Compound. These shoes are ideal for corner marshalling on indoor tracks where slicks are allowed. You would be a fool this April to pass up a Prime set of new kicks like these…

Hobbyplex 1/8 Winter Series Wrap-Up


The 2015 Winter Series at the Plex wrapped up its final race of a five-round series Saturday at the HobbyTown USA Hobbyplex in Omaha, NE. The Hobbyplex is one of the few indoor tracks in the Midwest capable of safely running nitro year round and racers put it to good use this winter. Strong turnouts in all classes and some awesome giveaways from class sponsors TLR, Serpent and Novak highlighted the series and delivered exciting points battles. Read more…

The Tebo’s take on Silver State


Jared Tebo is no stranger to the Silver State Nitro Challenge, nor is he a stranger to the winner’s circle. This year’s event meant a little more to Jared than just the racing and winning. For the first time, Jared’s wife and two kids joined him on the trip to Vegas, and they have quite an adventure to tell!

“This year for the 2015 Silver State, we decided that the whole family would attend, and we would head out to Las Vegas a few days early. Truck was fully packed….6 checked bags, 4 carry on bags, 2 car seats, 1 stroller, and 2 kids….the travel days were going to be rough…”


Zanchettin wins Italian 1/8 Champs


The UISP Italian Championship was held this past weekend. The event gathered many of Italy’s top drivers from all across the country. Young gun and REDS Racing team driver, Alex Zanchettin, powered his way to TQ and the overall win. His fellow REDS teammates, Gallo and Rossi, would cross the line second and third for a REDS Racing Italian Championship sweep!

Source: REDS

Villar wins Galician Champs Rd.1

Christian Villar

Last weekend the Galician Regional Championship started in Spain. It was the current champion Cristian Villar’s first appearance with new XRAY XB8 2015, and the start of the nitro season after a winter dedicated to 1/10 electric offroad racing. On Saturday the drivers tested the new track layout in Vilagarcia, being much faster and enjoyable than the last year’s layout. On Sunday the qualifying begin and Cristian Villar showed from early morning great performance taking TQ and setting a new lap record in the two qualifying runs, winning 9 seconds ahead second place driver. Villar would go on to win the Semi-Final and the Final with ease, taking an impressive victory over Jose Porto and Alberto Neira.

Source: XRAY