XTR Racing Shoot Fuel

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Spanish company XTR Racing have introduced new brand called Shoot Fuel. This fuel has been developed after years of experience in the sector and months of testing of the XTR drivers, in which they have been added the best raw materials in the market for their production. Shoot Fuel offer optimal care of our engines in winter as well as summer, an optimization of the power and durability in their deposits. Shoot Fuel is available for Off-Road and On-Road. If you are interested in distribute Shoot Fuel please contact XTR here.

TPRO 1/8 Formula Race wing


SWORKz’s brand TPRO have introduced the Formula Race wing for 1/8 buggies and truggies. The Formula Race wing  has been tested and approved by TPRO team drivers. It has a wickerbill design that provides improved air flow and allows to increase the downforce. This plastic wing is available in black (other colours will be available in august) and TPRO stickers are also included.

Team Associated launch AE Garage application

Team Associated presents a free interactive media application named AE Garage. To navigate the garage simply swipe, tap, pinch, and scroll your way through the many pages of interactive media. Read specs and features, interact with 360-degree product views, watch and listen to Team Associated Area 51 engineers, view the most up-to-date manuals, receive exclusive content, be the first to hear about new products and much, much more.

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Elliott Boots #1 at Top 25 Rankings

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In a bemusing turn of events… A non American driver is promoted to the top of the Top 25 standings after the ROAR (N.American) Championships…

Jared Tebo earns his second 1/8 National title after a crazy final at the 2017 ROAR Nationals. Ryan Lutz continues his great year by finishing second and Spencer Rivkin rounds out the top 3. Elliott Boots inherits the world #1 ranking as former #1 Ryan Maified and #2 Ty Tessmann both had problems in the final (Note that Boots did not improve his results/pts. Ty and Ryan’s results moved them below Elliott). Maifield was out for good early and that cost him big in the rankings, falling 4 spots ending up ranked #5 . Ty was able to get running again after his flame outs and came back to salvage some positions preventing him from falling too far in the rankings. With Jared’s big win, he moves within striking distance of Elliott’s new #1 ranked spot. Cole Ogden Moves back onto the top 25 list with an incredible drive in the semi final and main event. The young US rising star CJ Jelin made his first major final and finished 13th, lookout for him in the future. See the new 1-50 ranking, list of what races are used, and how it works at top25rc.com.

Ty Tessmann’s ROAR Nats report

Race report from Ty Tessmann (XRAY)

“This past weekend we travelled to Stateline RC Raceway to attend the ROAR Fuel Offroad Nationals. The facility is awesome and the track owners went above and beyond to make sure everyone had everything they needed and more, and got the track ready to run again after the rain came. We had practice Wednesday by heats and we worked with the team to get setups that would work. Thursday was seeding practice and was to have 2 rounds of 5 minutes practice but it started raining part way through the 2nd round of buggy seeding so the qualifiers were set from the 1 round of seeding and I was seeded 1st in both truck and buggy.

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Exotek 22 4.0 titanium front axles & YZ2 alloy top shaft

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Exotek have introduced the Flite front axles for the TLR 22 4.0 and the Flite top shaft for the Yokomo YZ2. First up are the 12mm front axles. Precision machined premium titanium, they weight only 3.5 grams per pair. These axles reduces the rotational mass as well as unsprung weight over the stock axles. They are almost as strong as steel but nearly half the weight and not easily bent as the aluminum axles. Rounded and angled hex profile makes wheel installation extra quick and easy.

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HUDY brushless 40mm & 30mm fans

HUDY have introduced two new brushless 40mm and 30mm fans. These fans are extremely reliable and designed to improve electronics cooling.The fans feature solder tabs for quick and easy cable replacement. They have a brushless design, are bearing equipped, and come with a 170mm cable.


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T-Work’s YZ-2 DTM optional parts

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T-Work’s have introduced a whole host of new optional parts for the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM. These optional parts include a set of gold plated steel screws including 101pcs, a set of titanium turnbuckles as well as a hybrid version with a turnbuckle wrench, a set of titanium ball ends and a set of titanium screws (UFO head) including 93pcs.

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