Worlds Flashback: 1994 Final!

Heres an awesome treat for the hardcore enthusiasts amongst you, rewind 20 years back in time and the 1994 IFMAR Worlds were held in Kirschlag, Austria on a hillside track, enjoy the video, commentary in Italian but its still great, how different the tracks we race on were back then, not to mention the cars! Click ‘more’ to read Mike Cradock’s own account from the 1994 Worlds!


Read Mike Cradock’s ’94 Worlds report

Orion announce Maifield nitro deal


8 months since the news of Maifield opting for Novarossi power in 2014, comes the sudden announcement from Team Orion that the TLR star will also be running their nitro line as of 2015, having signed for the electric side back in June.

Orion’s timing of the news is no coincidence, the news coming just a couple of days after Maifield lined up on pole for the IFMAR Worlds final, many tipping him for victory in a tense showdown with nationals rival Tessmann, it wasn’t to be however. The news comes as a slight surprise given Adam Drake’s influence in the TLR team and masterful knowledge when it comes to engine tuning and mileage, Maifield joins the likes of Phend, former team mate Cavalieri & Tebo running the CRF nitro powerplants.

 Adrien Bertin said, “Drivers of the caliber of Ryan Maifield have their choice of engines to run. It is with great satisfaction that we welcome Ryan in our team and admire his decision to run with Team Orion CRF engines. It is another confirmation of our successful product and team strategy.”

Is a reshuffle on the way for Team Orion with Maifield going 100% with the Swiss company ? Watch this space.

2014 IFMAR Worlds Final video

ty header


Its finally here, the full length 60 minute IFMAR Worlds final video with full commentary provided by in-house MC Tony Truman, enjoy!


LFR unleashes MP9 ‘Assassin’ body


Leadfinger Racing announces their assault on the track by releasing the all new MP9 Assassin body (first spotted a few short weeks ago in testing). Finding the right set up is key and at times can be over looked when it comes to choosing the right body. Leadfinger is proud to offer a new option for the Kyosho MP9 nitro buggy, that will aid in set up and allow you to attack the track with confidence. The team at LFR has come together to help design the new Assassin body completely from scratch.

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Top 25 RC post Worlds rankings

Top 25 Worlds Header

Ty Tessmann again proves why he is the #1 ranked driver in the world according to Top 25 RC, as he went on to dominate the IFMAR World Championships like he has pretty much every other event he has attended in the last 2 years.

Ty Tessmann

Top 25 RC has released an updated ranking list after the exciting Worlds event today. Surprisingly no  ranking changes within the top 5 spots on the Top 25 list. But the middle part of the list has some major changes, with people moving all over the place. Ryan Cavalieri Moved up 8 spots, landing on the #6 spot, after a great drive to finish second at the worlds.  Carson Weinimont officially put himself on the map climbing inside the top 10 settling in at the #8 spot after a podium finish at his first IFMAR World Championships.

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Tessmann develops Avid D8T inserts


Avid has released their new Hot Bodies D8T Carbon Arm Inserts, developed and used by Ty Tessmann to win the 2014 Dirt Nitro Challenge, which offer your Truggy another great tuning feature by reducing the flex and twist in the arm. The carbon inserts starts as a 3.9mm thick piece which is milled down to 2mm thick, while leaving 6 islands still at 3.9mm, and to finish them up the islands are pocketed in the middle to 2mm to remove unnecessary weight. These inserts are installed on the bottom of the arm and the islands key around the molded ribs in the arm. Installing these pieces will take some personal time but as Ty will tell you, the rewards are worth it. With every set Avid is including the screws and the two drill bits needed to install them (2.52mm and 3.04mm).

Source: Avid

Brunsden Summer Series victory

buggy top 3

This past weekend concluded the 2014 HNMC Summer Series. The final round hosted over 60 entries, and ended the series with once again great racing. In the highly competitive Nitro Buggy class it would be a three way battle throughout qualifying for the top spot between Kevin Brunsden, Karl Jackson, and Tommy Chung. Brunsden would take the overall TQ heading into the final, and would carry on to win just ahead of Tom Saggers and Chung.

REDS Racing new carb at the Worlds


Italian engine firm REDS Racing have come on leaps & bounds in recent years with the likes of Elliott Boots & Cody King running the mini powerhouses, Mario Rossi & son Marco run the business together and have been present all week at the Worlds supporting team drivers as well as non-team racers.

New from the Worlds this past week is a new carb which features a differently positioned top end needle, rather than pointing diagonally upwards, it is now horizontally positioned much lower down.

Master engine tuner Mario said the revised location allows for significantly improved top end as well as a more stable idle and overall engine tune. The new top end needle is also now ‘in line’ with the low end needle – although on opposite sides of the carb, Rossi says this makes for more precise tuning.

AT4_9442 AT4_9449 AT4_9445 AT4_9447

The new carb will be available next month in October on its own as well as bolted on the REDS R7 engine in limited quantities.

Tozser tops the Mountain Meltdown


Team Associated/Reedy driver Peter Tozser closed off the summer season in style at RC Gears track in Calgary, AB. He took the RC8.2 and RC8.2e to TQ and win in both the 1/8 Buggy Nitro and 1/8 E-Buggy classes at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Meltdown event. Outside of optional springs, AE reports that both buggies were equipped with 100% Associated off-the-shelf parts and Reedy power.

Source: Team Associated

Ty Tessmann: 14th IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Champion


Worlds Saturday Photos


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