RDRP machines new B5M Aluminum Wing Mount Set

RDRP Wing Mounts

New from Revolution Design Racing Products comes the B5M Wing Mount Set that is designed to replace the kit’s plastic wing mount with more durable and better performing parts. The mount is of a -7mm design that places the wing 7mm lower than the stock wing mount does, which leads to a lower centre of gravity and improved jumping both on small, medium and large jumps. On top of that the high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium part grants a better support for the wing which leads to better aerodynamics and also improved durability in the event of a crash. The wing mount set is available in blue or black anodising to match the remainder of RDRP’s AE B5 series option parts.

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JQRacing visits the REDS Racing headquarters


JQRacing’s founder, Joseph Quagraine, spent some time in Italy earlier this summer. While making his Italian tour, he paid a visit to JQRacing’s sponsoring brand REDS Racing headquarters in Brescia. JQ recaps his journey through the REDS Racing headquarters, and shares an inside look at what the company has to offer.

“Earlier this summer I spent some time in Italy, and amongst other things I paid a visit to REDS Racing HQ in Brescia, in the northern part of the country. REDS is a rather young company, but the people behind it have been around RC racing for a long time. Mario Rossi is the son of Cesare Rossi, one of the founders of Rossi back in ancient times. The two founding brothers split, and Cesare and Mario started Novarossi. Then fast forward a bit, and Mario left the company. After a stint with GRP, Mario started REDS Racing, with his family, his wife Rossana, and his two children, Marco and Federica. To make things even more confusing for people on the outside, REDS made the original building Rossi started in their new home!”

Read the full story HERE — See more pictures HERE

XRAY announces new Slovakia distributor

v_New distributor RC Universe Slovakia

XRAY is proud to announce their new distributor for Slovak republic – RC Universe. RC Universe will distribute the XRAY products to all shops in Slovakia and will provide support for all XRAY customers at all major onroad and offroad races in Slovakia. In case of further questions please do not hesitate to contact RC Universe who will be happy to provide you with any assistance. Contact the RC Universe at: igor@author.sk

Hendrik Lainemäe sweeps the Baltic Championship 2015

_v (2)

The Baltic Championship 2015 was held at the freshly renovated Tartu Racetrack. The race consisted of free practice, 5 rounds of Qualifying and 45 minute Main Final. Drivers came from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland always great to have racers from other countries here as well. In the highly competitive 1/8 Nitro Buggy class, XRAY’s Hendrik Lainemäe and Rainer Ressar would go 1-2 with Hot Bodies Igoris Vilcinskas finishing up third.

Hendrik Lainemäe would continue on his success by taking TQ and yet another win on the day in the 1/8 Electric Buggy class. Team Durango’s Karl Kasekamp followed in second, with Igoris Vilcinskas once again finishing third.


Pro-Line releases new bash ready Traxxas ‘Pro-Spline HD Axles’

Traxxas Axles

Pro-Line is proud to introduce the pre-assembled Pro-Spline HD Axles for the front of the Traxxas Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4 and Rally! The Pro-Spline HD Technology debuted on the Pro-Line PRO-MT Kit and is designed to handle some serious power. Made from Hardened Black Oxide coated Steel, the Pro-Spline drive shafts have a true 6-sided spline that slides smoothly throughout the suspension travel without having to worry about stripping out like the stock plastic drive shafts. The Front Pro-Spline HD Axles feature an improved front outer pivot point, which has been moved to be in-line with the steering axis (king pin). This eliminates the forward and backward motion of the stock drive shafts when turning the wheels and results in more consistent power delivery during cornering.

6273-00-2 6273-01-2 6273-01-3

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The pins are held in place by zinc coated snap rings and M3 set screws on both ends (PRO Tip: Rotate snap ring so slit is away from the pin and put a drop of Tire Glue on the slit in the snap ring to prevent it from rotating. It is still removable with a flat-head screw driver). To top it all off the Front Pro-Spline HD Axles are Pre-Assembled to get you back to bashing faster than ever!

Drake leads Mugen podium sweep at 2015 Mugen Challenge

This past weekend was the Mugen Challenge hosted by LCRC Raceway in Pennsylvania.  The event had nearly 300 entries which was the largest turnout for the Mugen Challenge.  Mugen Seiki’s Team Manager Tim Long and Adam Drake arrived a day early to put on a free driver clinic for the racers.  Tim and Adam answered questions and spent time with each of the drivers discussing racing and looking over their vehicles.  The LCRC staff did an amazing job controlling practice on the Joey Christensen layout.

11875209_977864338941192_4611065904349767475_o 11259684_1171980742819164_5639952020211764460_n 11951306_1171980792819159_4608298560762396756_n 11033922_1172000552817183_578006654436764235_n

In the 1/8 Nitro Truck class Mugen’s Barry Pettit was the top qualifier. In the final Pettit, Bornhorst, Dickerson, and Drake all took turns leading the race.  By the half way point of the 45 minute final Adam Drake settled into a comfortable lead followed by Barry Pettit, and young Mugen driver Ethan Mackanick making it a sweep of the podium for Mugen Seiki Racing and Pro-Line.

POLL: Do friendships influence the way you race?


There are a lot of things in life that don’t always mix; oil and water, baking soda and vinegar, gas and fire. In the ‘racing life’ there are also a list of things that don’t always mix, in particular friendships on the racetrack. It’s no secret that even the most well run R/C car racing events take hours and hours to complete. During that time you find yourself on the track 4-5 times, usually 5 to 7 minutes each. The remaining 12 hours you are sitting in your pits, chatting with your neighbors, making new friends, and bonding with old friends.

What happens when those friendships leave the pit table, and head out to the racetrack? 

There is an old saying in motocross racing, “When the gate drops, the friendship stops.” Some drivers share their friendship on the track, and take that friendship into account when racing with each other. Others leave the friendship off the track, and will do whatever it takes to win…no matter who they are racing.

Do you allow friendships to influence the way you race someone, or do friendships get left behind when the tone sounds? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, and TAKE THE POLL!


Video: Sanwa/Airtronics introduce their fastest transmitter yet


See: LRP
Sanwa/Airtronics has recently debuted the new M12S transmitter, and today share an up close look in this new video. This is the top of the line offering from Airtonics, with advanced programming, SSL support, and Digital High-Response Telemetry! The M12S Super has a variety of features that set it apart from the original M12, making it the “must have” radio system for competition drivers at all levels.

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ProTek RC releases new 1/10 chassis protector lineup

ProTek RC Chassis Wrap

Amain.com has just released the new line-up of ProTek RC Chassis Protectors. Manufactured by Upgrade R/C – the pioneer of R/C wraps – these protective sheets are made from thick 12mil laminate and backed by an aggressive adhesive vinyl. Each sheet is cut to exact dimensions to provide that professional look while protecting your chassis.

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In addition to protecting the chassis, these sheets also provide a slick and smooth chassis surface which reduces friction when contacting the race surface – especially clay! If you happen to land hard and bottom out, your buggy should more easily slide through it and maintain momentum.
Package includes two precut sheets. Sheets are specific to the stated model, and available for various TLR, Team Associated, Kyosho, Hot Bodies, and Yokomo 1/10 models.


5th Annual Futaba Electric Challenge

Futaba Challenge

For the fifth year in a row, the Futaba Electric Challenge will be held at the Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, Illinois on August 28-29, 2015. Registration is still open and, as always, racers can compete in two classes for one low entry free. Both competitors and spectators can look forward to three days jam-packed full of tough, wheel-to-wheel racing.