Worlds History by Mike Cradock Part2


A few days ago we posted part one of Mike Cradock’s personal memories of past World Championships starting out with Bangkok ’90 and ending with Las Vegas in 2000. We continue on to Uruguay ’02, finishing with Charlotte ’08 and a little personal send off from Mike. We’d like to thank Mike for his write-up, an entertaining yet totally unique account, it looks like 2008 might be his last Worlds due to the lack of spots, we hope it is not.

Punta del Este ’02 - Greg Degani [USA] – Kyosho / OS / Pro-Line

This was a long journey with a 5 hour stop over in Brazil, I saw Dallas there and he was looking for a way out to have a cigerette and Kanai having a massage to pass the time. When we finally landed in Uruguay there were only 3 planes on the tarmac, and all were full of racers – so you can imagine the chaos inside the airport as well as getting your hire car.

En route to Punta del Este there was some exciting driving on dirt tracks; trying to keep up with the Americans who knew the way, Pavidis was throwing coke bottles and coins at us and at about 70 MPH Kortz was giving us a love tap from behind! The track was good and was on an old runway where we parked with young boys helping us park, they would look after your car all day for the price of a pair of wheels or tyres!

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Video: Worlds Practice Laps: Ronnefalk, Bloomfield, Tessmann & Maifield

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Click to see Video with Bloomfield, Tessmann & Maifield

Ronnefalk sets pace on Practice Friday


David Ronnefalk’s time held up despite a late charge from Ty Tessmann rocking his Trifecta signature wing, the Canadian superstar runner up last time out in 2012 in Argentina however it looks like the N.Americans are starting to find a bit of rhythm after some early European dominance.


Aside from some of the controversies which continue to run in the background (fuel usage), most drivers are enjoying the track style and layout, a few of the jumps are proving much trickier than others, however nothing out of the ordinary this early on in an event – given it’s going to end NEXT WEEK on Saturday! Lots of laps to go!

EUR_0556 EUR_0586 EUR_0588 EUR_0590

Ronnefalk has emerged as an early pacesetter over the three laps however the 2014 Worlds will surely be remembered as a marathon not a sprint, and qualifying let alone finals is still a long long way aways. Taking up 3rd was a strong showing from Jerome Aigoin, much happier with the car as the 3x French Champion along with many drivers chase the ultimate setup despite the slowly evolving track.

Drivers are not struggling with most of the layout, perhaps only 3 areas; the 4 jump section which how you take the first roller dictates what you’re line is, whether you double single or single double, Ronnefalk is taking the safe option single doubling, however most other drivers we’ve seen have chosen the other route. After that is a fast ol’ chicane, if you get it wrong and hit the hard pipe, you risk breaking your car bad. Then is the ‘off’ double coming onto the straight, everyone struggled quite a bit on this jump, designed in a way which tricks the mind, not to mention a v.grippy landing which messes with you. Anyhow, two further days of free practice before… controlled practice kicks off.

EUR_0644 EUR_0698 EUR_0718 EUR_0639

The surprise package of the day has to be young American driver Drew Moller, popping up into 7th, just behind a certain reigning World Champion. We departed late on Friday night to the sounds of the impromptu manufacturers’ meeting, in an attempt to rectify some of the concerns they have on how the event is run, that said, the facility and track itself is top notch, nice and open and clearly a lot of hard work has gone into it. Covered pit areas, a lounge, huge drivers stand, screens everywhere and a v.consistent looking track have got the thumbs up from all.

Friday Practice Photo Gallery

Top 44 rankings after Friday practice are below:





2014 Worlds: Pit Walkabout video

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Worlds Exclusive: Pro-Line’s lexan ‘Trifecta’ wing


Developed in close secret with Pro-Line team driver Ty Tessmann, in fact even with HB designer Torrance Deguzman, Pro-Line have a brand new lexan ‘Trifecta’ wing here at the Worlds. The concept came about when Gord and Ty sat down, testing adding weight to the wing, they found this was hugely detrimental and set about lightening the whole thing including wing mount.

The net result is a wing & mount that is half the weight of their previous setup, a weight saving of 32g which they say has a real effect, with less ‘penduling’ of the rear, i.e less weight up high. Pro-Line have kept it under wraps until today and have handed out wings to team drivers to test.


Worlds Flashback: 2002, Greg Degani


Twelve years ago, Uruguay hosted the first World Championships on South American soil at the Punta del Este tourist destination, Richard Saxton dominated qualifying and was leading the final until he ran out of fuel – missing his pit in call several times gifting Greg Degani the lead after Chad Bradley had also had issues, you don’t win a Worlds purely by luck, your own gear needs to hold as well. Sadly Greg didn’t keep his Worlds car, instead turning it into one of the first truggys in the world but we do still have a few archive photos especially of that iconic Red O’Donnell cooling head!

World Champion’s Cars: 2012 - Robet Batlle’s MBX7, 2010 – Cody King’s MP9 TKI2, 2008 – Atsushi Hara’s D8, 2006 –Mark Pavidis’ MP777, 2004 – Guillaume Vray’s MBX5

IMG_2448 IMG_2451 IMG_2452 degani_rcca_may03

Azarashi’s new high bite 1/10 wing

Azarashi Wing

Team Azarashi has just released their newest 1/10 offroad buggy wing, designed for “incomparable handling” on high bite surfaces. The wing is designed specifically to inhibit constrained onpower understeer coming out of corners, while still providing enough downforce when required. The design is optimized to avoid interference of the rear tires and is made of a thick lexan that is extremely hard to crack under normal use. 2 identical wings provided per pack.

Source: X Factory UK

XRAY goes 1-2-3 at Dirt Paradise Rd.5

XRAY 123

This past weekend hosted Round 5 of the Dirt Paradise Championship held in Nicosia, Cyprus. Great weather and great drivers made for a great weekend of racing. XRAY’s Nicholas Zachariades would continue his winning ways from previous rounds to dominate qualifying and the final for the overall win. Sotiris Taifas put in an impressive performance as well, working his way up into the 2nd place spot with fellow XRAY driver Marios Christodoulou finishing 3rd.

Source: XRAY

LFR MP9 body spotted in testing


With a list of major events getting set to kickoff around the globe (including the IFMAR World Championships), top drivers have been doing extensive testing and practice in preparation for the various events. During one of these undercover test sessions, our sister site RCNews just so happened to stumble upon something new hiding in plain sight. It appears to be the first known sighting of an all-new lineup of bodies from Leadfinger Racing (LFR), starting with the Kyosho MP9! Read more…

Worlds History by Mike Cradock Part 1


For the last couple of years one of the icons of 1/8 Offroad Mike Cradock has kindly penned some of his memories and experiences from Worlds gone by, whilst racing is always moving forwards with Champions to be crowned, history shapes where we’re heading. Have a read of the first part again….

Some of our more junior visitors may not realise how evergreen Mr Cradock is, if anything he is a great asset and one of the few who’s stories actually do go way way… way back! Mike in his own words takes us though on a journey through the last 10 World Championships, starting out with the first six – 1990 through to Las Vegas in 2000.

Bangkok ’90 - Koji Sanada [Japan] – Mugen / Novarossi/ Mugen

My first WC was February 1990 in Bangkok, Thailand this was a great chance for me to meet all of the Kyosho International team and see how things were done on the other side of the world! The Kyosho set up was very professional compared to the other teams, which is pretty much the formula for how all the big teams run their set up now.

Things I noticed that we take for granted now were portable glow heaters! And portable starter boxes! Amazing hey! Instead of these great big boxes which you hooked up to a big 12 volt battery and you had a lead coming out with a glow clip on!

I can remember queuing for ever to get my car through technical inspection it must have been about 4 hours waiting with your car in the queue. Apart from this the meeting ran well.

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