Tekno’s monstrous new SCT410 axles

Tekno Axles

Pro-4 SC vehicles have a lot of power, and the 12mm wheel hexes that are used can strip easily if the wheel becomes loose. This results in wasted wheels and tires, and an impact on your wallet to boot. So Tekno has released these all-new SCT410 stub axles with a massive M5 thread in order to use a larger M5 serrated nut that will not come loose. This makes for a far more durable stub axle, fewer stripped nuts and less tire waste due to wheels coming loose. It’s a win, win, win!

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AMain.com October Shipping Special!


For the entire month of October, orders over $25 ship Free* from AMain.com! This includes everything AMain.com carries: parts, kits, radios, fuel and even oversized items. If you’ve been building a wish list but waiting for the right opportunity to act, now is the time to take advantage of AMain’s free shipping promotion. For international customers who place orders of $25 or more, AMain.com is offering you discounted Super Saver Shipping—our most cost-effective shipping method, so you’ll save too!

*Only orders of $25 or more within the lower 48 states qualify for the free shipping promotional offer. International orders of $25 or more will benefit from AMain.com’s discounted Super Saver Shipping, which is a significantly reduced rate. 

Modelix takes over Mugen in the UK

Modelix Mugen

Modelix Racing is proud to announce they have taken official distributorship of Mugen Seiki in the UK (previously distributed by Mugen Seiki Europe). Modelix will add the full line of Mugen Seiki products to their existing line of Ultimate Engines, ProCircuit Tyres, Nitrolux Fuels, and Ultimate Racing accessories. Tentative schedule has the highly anticipated Mugen MBX-7R hitting the UK later this month.

Source: Modelix Racing

Futaba brings S.Bus2 to the ground

Futaba Servos

Now R/C cars and trucks can enjoy the many advantages of Futaba S.Bus2 servo technology (first seen in the aircraft world). Because they’re brushless, these servos last much longer than brushed servos, with much faster response times. They stand up to jolts and vibration better, offer smoother operation, and programmable capability allows drivers to fine-tune performance to meet specific applications.

Source: Futaba

TrakPower’s digital soldering station

TrakPower Soldering Iron

For any electric modeling application, the high-quality TrakPower TK955 Digital Soldering Station delivers superior results with easy, and exceptionally precise operation. An easy-to-read digital display on the control unit shows your selected temperature, heating status and operational alerts. Simple, push-button controls let you adjust the heat in fine 1° increments. The included Security Key locks in your selected temperature so that it remains steady within 1.8° F (1° C) even while the iron is idle.

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Pro-Line PRO-2 carbon brace install

Pro-Line has developed a new must have option part for your PRO-2 with -8mm chassis, the all-new Carbon Fiber Battery Brace with Aluminum Mounts. The Carbon Fiber Battery Brace adds extreme adjustability to your PRO-2 truck (when using a shorty pack) by the use of slots that allow you to put the battery exactly where you want to (30mm forward or back). In addition to the new option part, they have released a helpful ‘How-To’ video showing the installation process!

Source: Pro-Line Racing

Lightweight INTECH ER12 top shaft

INTECH Top Shaft

INTECH Racing has just released their new lightened top shaft for the ER12 1/10 2wd buggy. This new shaft combines a steel 20T gear with sturdy center axle made up of 7075-T6 aluminum. Lighter, faster, stronger…this is a welcome addition to the growing list of ER12 option parts.

Source: INTECH Racing

Worlds Flashback: 1994 Final!

Heres an awesome treat for the hardcore enthusiasts amongst you, rewind 20 years back in time and the 1994 IFMAR Worlds were held in Kirschlag, Austria on a hillside track, enjoy the video, commentary in Italian but its still great, how different the tracks we race on were back then, not to mention the cars! Click ‘more’ to read Mike Cradock’s own account from the 1994 Worlds!


Read Mike Cradock’s ’94 Worlds report

Orion announce Maifield nitro deal


8 months since the news of Maifield opting for Novarossi power in 2014, comes the sudden announcement from Team Orion that the TLR star will also be running their nitro line as of 2015, having signed for the electric side back in June.

Orion’s timing of the news is no coincidence, the news coming just a couple of days after Maifield lined up on pole for the IFMAR Worlds final, many tipping him for victory in a tense showdown with nationals rival Tessmann, it wasn’t to be however. The news comes as a slight surprise given Adam Drake’s influence in the TLR team and masterful knowledge when it comes to engine tuning and mileage, Maifield joins the likes of Phend, former team mate Cavalieri & Tebo running the CRF nitro powerplants.

 Adrien Bertin said, “Drivers of the caliber of Ryan Maifield have their choice of engines to run. It is with great satisfaction that we welcome Ryan in our team and admire his decision to run with Team Orion CRF engines. It is another confirmation of our successful product and team strategy.”

Is a reshuffle on the way for Team Orion with Maifield going 100% with the Swiss company ? Watch this space.

2014 IFMAR Worlds Final video

ty header


Its finally here, the full length 60 minute IFMAR Worlds final video with full commentary provided by in-house MC Tony Truman, enjoy!